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Gramática: Verb collocations (verb + adj./noun)

Craig liked Argentina (el verbo ‘to like’ en el pasado)
What’s Argentina like? (¿Cómo es?)
Does Buenos Aires looks like Paris? (se parece)
What does it feel like? – It feels like Paris.
Does it smell like Paris? – It smells like Buenos Aires.

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  Gramática: other, another, others

This is another episode. There are 9 others. There are 9 other episodes.
another + single countable noun (Can I have another beer?)
other + plural countable nouns (There are other episodes)
There are 9 others (no noun)
Craig also does other work (other + uncountable noun) – He has other jobs

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  Gramática: 1st and 2nd conditional.

If you study hard, you will learn a lot of English (1st conditional – If + present simple + will)
Use the 1st conditional to talk about possible/probable things.
If you stick to your diet, you will lose weight.
If you don’t do exercise, you’ll put on weight.
Unless you do exercise, you’ll put on weight.
You will learn a lot if you listen to this podcast.
If you bought a lottery ticket, you would/might possible win. (2nd conditional) – If + past simple + would
If I win the lottery, I will (I’ll) travel around the world. (1st conditional)
If I won the lottery, I would (I’d) travel around the world (2nd conditional)
If I were/was Prime Minister, I’d lower taxes.
If Craig were Mickey Mouse he would go to the pub with Scooby Doo. Reza, on the other hand, would prefer to have a beer with Bugs Bunny.

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  Gramática: some and any

Craig brought Reza some salt from Chile (positive sentence)
He didn’t bring him anything from Argentina (negative sentence)
Have you got any souvenirs from Laos? (question)
Can I have some food? (Use ‘some’ for requests)
Reza would like some fish
Would you like something to eat? (a more closed, specific offer)
Would you like anything to eat? (an open offer)
Craig likes some classical music (not all classical music)
Craig likes any jazz music (all jazz music)
Pick any card
Craig likes anything with chocolate
He likes some fruit desserts

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