Gramática: 1st and 2nd conditional.

If you study hard, you will learn a lot of English (1st conditional – If + present simple + will)
Use the 1st conditional to talk about possible/probable things.
If you stick to your diet, you will lose weight.
If you don’t do exercise, you’ll put on weight.
Unless you do exercise, you’ll put on weight.
You will learn a lot if you listen to this podcast.
If you bought a lottery ticket, you would/might possible win. (2nd conditional) – If + past simple + would
If I win the lottery, I will (I’ll) travel around the world. (1st conditional)
If I won the lottery, I would (I’d) travel around the world (2nd conditional)
If I were/was Prime Minister, I’d lower taxes.
If Craig were Mickey Mouse he would go to the pub with Scooby Doo. Reza, on the other hand, would prefer to have a beer with Bugs Bunny.

Pronunciación: Word stress in numbers:

14 – 40 – fourteen / forty
70 – 17 – seventy / seventeen
30 – 13 – thirty / thirteen
16 – 60 – sixteen / sixty
¡OJO! – Except when we’re counting! 13, 14, 15, 16 etc.

Phrasal verb: Put up

Many people put up Christmas decorations (montar)
I’m going to put up a couple of photos on the wall. (colgar)
Would you mind putting me up for the weekend? (hospedar, dar alojamiento)
The boxer lost the match but he put up a fight.
You can put up money for something – How much money did they put up to build the airport in Castellon?
Put up or shut up! Act or be quiet.
Put up something for sale on eBay.
We try to put up a new podcast episode every week.
Craig puts up with Reza’s Mickey Mouse comments (suportar, aguantar)
Craig has to put up with Reza every week!

Vocabulary Corner: New Year’s Resolution – Resolución de Año Nuevo

8% of people who MAKE New Year’s Resolutions actually KEEP them.
The most popular resolutions are:
 lose weight – (put on weight) and do more exercise
 eat more healthily
 save money
 get a better job
 spend more time with family and friends
 travel more
 stop smoking and drinking (alcohol)
 get organised
 learn something new
 read more books

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