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You and I, you and me – afterwards, after all – who, whom, whose

I wanted to ask you a couple of questions.
What’s the difference between, ” After all ” and ” afterwards” ‘ For example: “We are not good chefs, but after all, the food wasn’t that bad.”
“We had to study last night, but afterwards we went out for a few beers.”

‘Afterwards’ is a time expression. It refers to time.

‘After all’ is more than a time expression:

“I thought I was lost, but I was going the right way after all.”

“Let me help you. After all, you always help me.” (por lo menos)

“After all is said and done.” – al fin y al cabo, a fin de cuentas

“After all the trouble she’s caused me, I still love Berta.” (despues de todo)

“We had lunch. Afterwards, John went home.”

¡OJO! It’s not correct to say, X”We had lunch. After, John went home.“X – You should say, “We had lunch. After that, John went home.”



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Verb Past Simple Past Participle

be was / were been
become became become
begin began begun
drink drank drunk
ring rang rung
sing sang sung
sink sank sunk
swim swam swum
bring brought brought
buy bought bought
catch caught caught
fight fought fought
think thought thought
teach taught taught


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Adjectives, adverbs, verbs and nouns

NOUN – Reza drank his coffee (‘coffee’ is a noun)

VERB – Reza drank his coffee (‘drank’ is the verb)

ADVERB – Reza drank his coffee slowly (‘slowly’ is the adverb – slowly, quickly, noisily, beautifully etc)

ADJECTIVE – Reza drank his hot coffee slowly (‘hot’ is the adjective. An adjective describes the noun – strong, weak, expensive coffee etc)

sly – astuto, taimado/a (a sly fox)
David used the example HELP – verb and noun. What’s the adjective? ‘helpful’ / ‘unhelpful’ / ‘helpless’ – and the adverb? ‘helpfully’
Study them in a table:


economy | economize | economical/economic | economically

analysis | analyse | analytical | analytically

apology | apologise | apologetic | apologetically



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Gym Vocabulary

to workout – to go for a good workout
to get fit / to be fit
to get/keep in shape

to have a spare tyre – michelines, flotadores / double chin – una papada
chin – barbilla

to lift (do) weights (to pump iron) – to do yoga, aerobics, step, judo,
to do push-ups/press-ups, to do chin-ups/pull-ups, to do sit-ups

to do reps (repetitions – repeticiones)

to build muscles – to get a six pack – tableta de chocolate

to stretch – estirarse


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