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forest / wood – bosque
lake – lago
lagoon – laguna
wildlife – vida salvaje, fauna
lough (Ireland) / loch (Scotland) = lake
river – río
to flow – fluir
stream – riachuelo
hill – colina – hilly (adjective)
mountain – montaña / mountainous – montañoso/a
gorge – garganta, desfiladero
valley – valle
landscape – panorama , paisaje
scenery – paisaje, vista
view – vista
wild, wildlife
farm, farming, farmer – granjero
crops – cultivo
fields – campos
harvest – cosecha


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Baby animals:

dog – puppy, sheep – lamb, cow – calf (and whale – calf), cat – kitten, horse – foal, pig – piglet, bear – cub

a flock of birds
a herd of cattle/elephants
a school of fish
a pack of dogs/wolves (1 wolf, 2 wolves)
a clutter of cats
a crowd of people
a parliament of owls (owl – búho)
an army of frogs!?!

Some useful expressions for dog/cat owners in an English-speaking environment

feed – pienso (to feed an animal)
dog passport
to chip a dog/cat = ponerle el chip al perro/gato
vet’s/veterinary fees
desparasitar = to delouse
flea = pulga
delouse – despiojar
flea collar = collar desparasitario


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Common phrasal verbs you should know:

1. give up (darse por vencido/dejar de) – put it on the top shelf (I’ve given up bread)
2. grow up (crecer) – plants grow, people grow up – Where did you grow up?
3. go on (partir, salir) – I’m going on holiday, on a (business) trip / Where are you going to? I’m going on a trip to Birmingham next month
to go on a date – also ‘seguir’/’continuar – go on, what were you saying? – go on a diet
4. go away (irse fuera) I’m going away for the weekend / Go away! (get lost!) ¡váyase! , ¡lárguese!
5. go out – (salir) – I’m going out for lunch/for a beer – Are you going out this weekend?
6. look forward to (tener muchas ganas de, esperar con ansia) What are you looking forward to?
7. look after (cuidar de) take care of Have you ever looked after anyone’s flat?
8. look up (buscar) look up to (respetar, admirar) Who do you look up to?
9. put up with (tolerar, aguantar) I can’t put up with them any longer, you’ll just have to put up with it I’ve been putting up with the noise during the Fallas festival.



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Climate – Clima

What’s the difference between ‘weather’ and ‘climate’?
Weather is what conditions of the atmosphere are over a short period of time, and climate is how the atmosphere “behaves” over relatively long periods of time.

Good weather
Sunny – soleado
The sun is shining, It’s sunny – hace sol
Fine – bueno
Bright, clear – despejado (It’s a lovely day)
To be hot, To be warm – hacer calor
Heatwave – ola de calor (Drought – sequía / flood – inundación)
shade (protection from the sun) – sombra (shadow – the shape or form made by something that blocks out light)
Wind – viento (it’s windy)
Breeze – brisa

Bad weather
Cloud – nube (it’s cloudy – nublado)
Rain – lluvia
It’s raining – está lloviendo
Downpour, shower – aguacero, chaparrón, chubasco
a spell – temporada, rato
Rainbow – arco iris


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