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How to tell Jokes in English

To TELL a joke
Pun – a funny play on words
Gag – a joke or funny story
Comedian – a person who tells jokes
Play on words – juego de palabras
Punchline – remate, final
A funny joke (don’t confuse with ‘fun’)
To laugh – reir
A laugh – risa – It was such a laugh
To burst out laughing
I couldn’t stop laughing
To make someone laugh / It made me laugh
To smile, to grin – sonreir
To chuckle – risita
To crack up – It cracks me up
Corny – cursi
I don’t get it (I don’t get the joke)
To fall about laughing
Hilarious (adj)
LOL – laugh out loud / ROFL – roll on the floor laughing / LMAO – Laugh my arse off
to wet yourself
Amusing / humorous – divertido/a, gracioso/a
funny = you laugh (it’s a funny joke, film etc / fun = we had a good time. It was fun. We had fun at the party.
Sense of humour (or humor in American English)



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The difference between fake, forge, falsify and counterfeit

To fake (verb) – fingir, aparentar – “Fake it ‘till you make it!” – To fake an orgasm
A fake (noun) – falsificación – “It’s a fake.” a person can also be fake (phoney) Don’t be fake, keep it real.”
Fake (adjective) – “It’s a fake watch.” – lot’s of fake electronics come out of China these days.

Counterfeit – falso – “They check 50 euro notes to see if they are counterfeit.”

What’s the difference between ‘fake’ and counterfeit?
All counterfeits are fakes, but not all fakes are counterfeits.
‘counterfeit’ implies deception, but ‘fake’ just means it’s not the real thing.

Counterfeit money is fake money which is also intended to look so much like the real thing, that people can actually use it to buy things.

It’s also possible to have fake money that is not counterfeit. Have you ever played the game Monopoly? Which word would you use to describe Monopoly money?

Monopoly money is fake money, but it is not intended to be used as legal currency.


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Mamen’s true English story and more idioms

Siblings – brothers and siblings. How many siblings have you got?
Lawn – grass (césped)
Fed up – harto/harta (hinchado las bolas in Argentina, hinchado las pelotas) – I was so fed up with my noisy neighbours!
Barbed wire – alambre de púas (espinos)
I’ll cure you – to cure – curar (a cure – tratamiento)
I nodded – to nod – inclinación de cabeza, asentir con la cabeza
To hurt yourself – hacer daño a tu mismo
To clean your wounds – heridas
Bandage – vendaje
To weep – to cry
Scar – cicatriz
Honey – cariño (miel)



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The Mexican Wall and Eugeni’s pronunciation

Voice message from Edgar Ubaldo from Mexico about the wall that Trump wants to build between the US and Mexico. Edgar says that he’s from “the place in the middle of the moon” (that’s the meaning of Mexico according to some)
This is my opinion about immigration and the wall. I forgot to tell that never shall we pay that chingado muro! (we shall never pay – word order)
He also apologises for eating popcorn during his recording!

Excellent English and wonderful pronunciation!
I didn’t know that there were ex-pat communities of North Americans and Europeans in Mexico.
How dangerous is Mexico?
‘Prevent this from happening’
Please send us more messages – with popcorn!


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