Vocabulary. Collective nouns
Choose the correct collective noun.

1. a company of
2. a wad of
3. a team of
4. a bunch of
5. a pack of
6. a deck of
7. a crowd of
8. a pride of
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What do you say?
Choose the best answer to the following comments.

1) Do you really think the government will cut back even more on the health service and education?
    I wouldn't put it past them. / It takes a lot of doing. / I'll give them the elbow. / I don't think much of it.
2) Pepito seems totally different since he's got back off holiday. He actually got through the day without arguing or shouting at anyone.
    I bet he did. / Serves him right. / That makes a change. / I don't blame him.
3) Would you like to come to the Opera tonight? It's Puccini and I've got tickets.
    I wouldn't put it past him. / I wouldn't be surprised. / Never mind. It doesn't matter. / I'd rather not if you don't mind.
4) I was pulled up by the police for speeding yesterday and fined 200 Euros on the spot.
    That wouldn't surprise. / Don't look at me! / Just in case. / Serves you right.
5) Who won the court case between Apple and Samsung?
    Haven't got the foggiest. / If you're asking, I'm dancing! / Not that I know of. / How were you to know?
6) I'll be glad when this holiday's over and I can get back to work for a rest!
    Suit yourself. / Just as well. / I bet you will. / You might as well, then.
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Choose the best word for each sentence.

1. Why don’t you email Pepito, he’s have the meeting agenda.
2. I have no idea where we arranged to meet them. I suppose they could be waiting at the hotel.
3. We’re likely to be the leaders in our field this time next year.
4. We’re offering the best service at the lowest price, I think we easily get the contract.
5. You’re looking really tired! You have had a very relaxing holiday.
6. There’s a possibility that you’ll get their answer before the weekend.
7. The trains are on strike so the meeting take place tomorrow.
8. It’s just about that their flight has been delayed.
9. Pepito broke his leg last week so he played football at the weekend.
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What do you say?
Choose the best answer to the following comments.

- I'm terribly sorry, I've just spilt red wine over this white cushion.
   You dare! / You rub me up the wrong way. / I don't blame you. / Can't be helped.
- How about lending me your new video camera for our holiday?
   No way. / Not at all. / Don't mention it. / Not that I know of.
- Sorry. I hope you didn't mind us putting on the stereo. We didn't know you were trying to work in here.
   I'd rather not, if you don't mind. / Don't mind me! / Mind out! / I've a good a mind to.
- If there's really nothing good on television and you don't feel like going out, why don't we get a Chinese takeaway and play something on the XBox?
   Just as well. / Not at all. / So there is. / Might as well. /
- If you don't apologise, I'll never talk to you again.
   I couldn't care less. / I don't mind if I do. / It doesn't matter. / How am I to know?
- I think you should have a word with your boss and tell her how unhappy you are with the decisions she's been making.
   I've got something on my mind. / I've got a good mind to. / Out of sight, out of mind. / I don't mind if I do.
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