Choose the best verb collocation to complete each sentence.

1. I a feeling that she was trying to flirt with me.
2. You won’t understand this grammar unless you attention to what I’m saying.
3. A girl at college me a wonderful compliment yesterday. She said I had a lovely smile!
4. We must action immediately. If we don’t we’ll be beaten by our competition.
5. I went out with a couple of mates after work to a few beers.
6. When we heard the bad news we went to the funeral to our respects to his family.
7. I a liking to our new boss as soon as he said hello and told me how much he liked the work I’ve been doing.
8. I think you should a chance and change jobs. You’re not happy where you are at the moment, are you?

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Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word in CAPITALS. Do not change the word in CAPITALS. Write between three and five words.

1. You must not stop taking these pills under any circumstances.
On up taking these pills.
2. The boss doesn’t like it when we work from home.
The boss from home.
3. If you need to know anything more, just get in touch with us.
Please do not hesitate to contact us, information.
4. The EU may break off diplomatic relations, if the UK signs a trade deal with North Korea.
In signing a trade deal with North Korea, the EU may cut diplomatic relations.
5. “You simply must tell me about your new boyfriend,” Sara said.
Sara about my new boyfriend.

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What are the opposites of these verbs?

1. zip
2. prove
3. qualify
4. believe
5. fold
6. bend
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Match the prefixes with their meanings.

1. bi –
2. ex –
3. mis –
4. mono –
5. over –
6. multi –
7. under -
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Write 3 or 4 examples for each prefix in the spaces.

1. bi – bisexual,
2. ex – ex-president,
3. mis – misunderstand,
4. mono – monologue,
5. over – oversleep,
6. multi – multi-purpose,
7. under – underworked,
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