Match the animals with the noises they make. Follow the example.

1. A pig
2. A lion
3. A bee
4. A duck
5. A hen
6. A bird

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Write one of the following verbs in the correct form to complete the sentences.

prowl / swoop / slither / gallop / hop

1. When we were camping in Tanzania last summer, there was a lion around our tent.
2. Last time we were on the beach a seagull down and stole one of Pepito’s sandwiches.
3. Look at that slimy green frog! It’s going to over the stones to the other side of the river.
4. Have you ever on a horse at full speed? It’s an amazing feeling.
5. I just saw a brown snake. It over those stones and into the bushes.

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Match the beginnings and endings of the following idioms.

1. break
2. dream your
3. go
4. be
5. be in the
6. make
7. (be) over
8. score
9. strike
10. try

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Match the body adjectives with the word or phrase that has the same meaning. Follow the example.

1. tight-fisted
2. thick-skinned
3. two-faced
4. weak-kneed
5. light-fingered
6. big-headed
7. tight-lipped
8. starry-eyed

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Now complete the following sentences with the idioms from the previous exercise.

1. I tried to get Samantha to tell me what happened while her and her husband were on holiday, but she remained and didn’t tell me anything.
2. All Pepito talks about these days is how much money he’s making and how popular he is with the press. He used to be a modest guy but success has made him so .
3. My dad is so that he would drive for hours to save a few pence on a jar of coffee!
4. Julie is very . She doesn’t care what people say about her and totally ignores negative comments from her staff.
5. The thing I most dislike about Sean is that he’ll tell you to do one thing and then he’ll do exactly the opposite. He’s so .

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Choose the best word or phrase to complete each sentence.

1. I never put vinegar on salads. It tastes too for me.
2. She gave me a friendly smile, into my eyes and I fell instantly in love with her.
3. Very strong cheese gets really if you leave it out of the fridge too long in the summer.
4. If I’m too noisy while my dad’s reading the newspaper, he over his glasses at me and at me until I’m quiet.
5. To turn on the computer, the black button until you see a red light.
6. You forgot to put the milk back in the fridge. It tastes . It must have gone off.
7. Get your feet off the table immediately!
8. I can’t hear anything you’re saying. Would you mind if we went to a different pub? This one’s too .
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