Match the words with their definitions.

1. A sauce added to a salad
2. A main dish
3. An adjective to describe meat that has been cooked a lot (no blood)
4. Layers of alcohol-soaked sponge cake with fruit, custard and whipped cream
5. A small dish at the start of a meal
6. A small herb, like an onion, added to potatoes, for example
7. An adjective to describe meat that has been cooked very little (pink and bloody)
8. A kind of soup usually containing fish and vegetables
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Choose the best word to complete the following food idioms.


1. Don't believe him. I take everything he says with a pinch of .
2. Giving up alcohol and going on this high fibre diet has given me a lot of energy. I feel full of .
3. Thelma doesn’t stop talking about her son, the doctor. He's the of her eye.
4. I love this new duvet. It keeps my feet as warm as .
5. He does literally everything his boss asks him. He knows which side his is buttered.
6. Let me take one more photo. Come closer together and smile. Say .
7. Hymen wants a job with a decent salary. He’s not going to work for .
8. Trina Forest’s latest mp3 download is really popular. It's selling like hot .
9. May and Ann go everywhere together and they even wear the same clothes. They're like two in a pod.
10. Look at Jason over there in his BMW sports car and his Ray Ban sunglasses. He looks as cool as a , even in this heat.
11. Asking John to arrange a party is just a for disaster. He's so disorganised.
12. I’d rather find a nice hotel. I don’t like camping. Sleeping on the floor in a tent just isn't my cup of .
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Choose the best word or phrase to complete each sentence.

1. Are you feeling ok? I know you’ve been working really hard lately and you look a bit .
2. I fell over playing football last week and felt a sharp in my knee.
3. My girlfriend is red and green peppers.
4. The World Formula One Grand Prix champion was in a crash yesterday.
5. It has been scientific proven that smoking your health.
6. When I bend down and stand up quickly, the blood rushes to my head and I feel .
7. I cut myself with broken glass and I had to have .
8. Please let’s sit down for a while and have a rest. We’ve been walking for hours and I’ve got on my feet.
9. The neighbour’s little boy fell out of a tree and was taken to hospital with a shoulder.
10. I think I’m allergic to this new washing powder. I’ve got all over my body.
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Put the verbs in the correct tense to complete the sentences.

1. What do next weekend? Anything special?
2. If I know you were coming to visit, I wouldn’t have gone out.
3. I hope you have a fantastic time in Las Vegas next week. I'll see you when you get back.
4. This time next week you and I sit on a beach in Hawaii with a good book and a cocktail.
5. I'm planning to retire before 65. I hope that I save enough money to stop working by the time I'm 55.
6. The telephone rang, but I work so I didn't answer it.
7. When I smelled his breath, I knew immediately that he drink and I suggested that he give me his car keys.
8. This is the best chocolate cake I have. Can we come back again this afternoon for another piece?
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