Common Collocations
Choose the best verb (have, make, take or do) to complete the following collocations.

1 someone hostage
2. a grudge (against s.o.)
3. a mockery
4. (some) harm
5. a stop
6. a fortune
7. the lead
8. well
9. a model
10. research
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Now read the following sentences and complete them with a collocation from the previous exercise. Follow the example.


Example: Before we go ahead and put the project together, I think we should of the robot to make sure it's going to work.

1. Damn! I forgot to buy milk and bread this morning. Can we at the supermarket on the way home? It'll only take a minute.
2. Bart really in his end of year exams. I think we should buy him that new iPod he's been asking for.
3. Alonso half way through the race and won the Grand Prix in record time.
4. Five tourists were by terrorists in Cairo this morning as they left their hotel. As yet, there has been no ransom demands made by the terrorists.
5. When I graduate from medical school, I would like to into trying to find a cure for cancer.
6. Some clever app developers are developing successful applications for mobile phones.
7. The judge said that Mr. Samuels was a drug addict who had intended to to himself.
8. The fact that he sent his children to private school of his socialist principles.
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Match the phrases to form some popular English idioms.

1. Any port ...
2. Every dog ...
3. Different strokes ...
4. Great minds ...
5. Fools rush in ...
6. He who pays the piper ... about absolutely everything.
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Choose a word to complete the following expressions.

1. We are going to reply personally to and every one of you.
2. I've been checking things off the list by one and now I think I've done everything.
3. The quality of the podcasts from La Mansión del Inglés is second to , and I've downloaded single one of them.
4. We've got an awful to do and precious time to do it in, so let's get started now.
5. You can study online or go to a language academy. Either , I'm sure you'll improve your English.
6. I had to wait ages to see the specialist, so I made the of my time by listening to English podcasts.
7.It's going to be a good months until I have the money to go to London.
8. too often I get students in my class who just don't have the level to pass the exam.
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