Complete the text.

1. We have skin on our bodies which is covered in hair. Birds, on the other hand, are covered in .
2. A cat has on its body, but a dog has .
3. Humans have a nose in the middle of our face, but a pig has a .
4. We put food in our mouths, but birds use a to eat food with.
5. And what about feet? Dogs and cats don’t have feet, they have and horses have .
6. We chew our food with our teeth. Snakes inject poison into their victims through their .

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Match the sentences that have the same, or a similar, meaning.

1. Pepito might have told me. – .
  I’m not sure whether Pepito told me. - .
2. You must be joking. – .
  You have to tell a joke. – .
3. We might as well go to bed soon. – .
  We might well go to bed soon. – .
4. You probably won’t take too long. – .
  You shouldn’t take too long. – .
5. It wasn’t a good idea to tell her. – .
  I shouldn’t have told her. – .

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Complete the sentences, and the idioms, with the correct animal.

1. My sister was arrested for dr*g trafficking and pr*stitution in South America. She really is the black of the family.
2. We’re getting a 15% raise in salary at the end of the year. I know it’s true because I got the information straight from the ’s mouth.
3. It was a mistake to tell your mum about our trip to Thailand. She’s told everyone and now the _ ’s out of the bag.
4. Jim and June have just got back from their holiday in Australia. Apparently, they had a of a time.
5. Have you listened to the Mansión Inglés podcasts on They really are the ’s knees!
6. I never take criticism badly. I ignore it. It’s like water off a ’s back to me.

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Choose the best word for each space.

Advertising is all around us these days, from our email inbox to the bus stops we queue at and the TV we relax in front of before we go to bed.
in the ad showing the sexy man in the powerful car and the cute girl with perfect hair is the message that if we buy the product, we will be rich, successful and happy.
Is it fair to our secret dreams and desires in this way? I think not, especially when advertising is so and us from all sides.
However, those in favour of advertising say that it’s convenient and , especially web advertising based on our search history and surfing behaviour.
It’s claimed that it’s better to see an ad for a product or service you’re interested in than one you are not. I’m on the about this. I think it’s a between privacy and convenience.

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