Find one word that completes all three sentences and write it in the gaps.

a) Before we launch the product, I think we should out a cross section of potential buyers to see how it might sell.
b) Before we go ahead and vote, I think we should hear from Sarah who has some very arguments against diversification.
c) It was a rough trip, but we got there safe and in the end.
a) John threw a when he found his car had been scratched.
b) I'm not eating at your parents house any more. I'm sorry, but the food your mum cooks isn't for human consumption.
c) This dress doesn't you anymore. I thought you'd get you figure back after having the baby.
a) Technically speaking, a computer is a piece of silicon with an electronic circuit embedded in it.
b) You really are a off the old block with your grey eyes and your dad's smile.
c) Bert had always had a on his shoulder because of his accent.
a) If you are able to recognise the exact sound of a note or to produce any given note; you are said to have perfect or absolute .
b) I don't think we should the tent here at the bottom of the hill. If it rains, the water will run down and we'll get soaked!
c) An elevator is a quick, 30-second summary which defines a product, service, organisation or event and its value proposition.
a) It's time we got started on clearing out the cupboard under the stairs.
b) In June 2012 he finished his third novel, and when they bought the film rights to all three books he was flying .
c) Are you trying to tell me you never got when you were at university? I don't believe you!
a) The sky was so we could see Saturn's rings through the telescope.
b) You're breaking out in spots because you've been eating too much chocolate. Put some of this cream on and they'll soon up.
c) Sorry about the mess in lounge darling, I've been doing some paperwork. I'll just the table and we can have lunch.
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Match the quote with the reporting verb. Follow the example.

"Dad, it was me who broke your favourite mug,"

1. "You're too drunk to drive. I'm taking you home in my car,"
2. "I really don't think he's capable of doing the job,"
3. "I'll send you an email as soon as I have the dates,"
4. "I've never been so disappointed with a product in my life, particularly the customer service,"
5. "It'll probably take about 6 weeks to do the design work and the graphics,"
6. "I'm a fantastic skier,"
7. "If you don't explain to everyone in the office what you've done, I'm going to tell the boss,"
8. "Yes. We can definitely go on holiday with you."
9. "...and I really enjoyed spending time with you,"

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Find one word that completes all three sentences and write it in the gaps.

a) When doctors fail to follow government guidelines, they the risk of being sued by their patients.
b) My new BMW is working out to be very expensive to . It's not only the price of insurance and petrol, but it costs an arm and a leg to get it serviced.
c) I read an interesting blog post this morning about how to set up and your own business, I don't think it's as difficult as some people think.
a) He made a to represent his local community in parliament, but he didn't get enough votes.
b) After serious consideration, Pepito decided not to on the diamond ring and came home from the auction empty-handed.
c) The owner of a cable-TV network said it received an unsolicited $227 million takeover from Kroenke Sports & Entertainment PLC.
a) Have you thought about becoming a member of our video ?
b) Rob and Maria are getting married next month and we think it would be a good idea to together and buy them something.
c) My wife complained about the current financial crisis as she gave me only one golf for my birthday this year.
a) you come into my office for a moment, please?
b) I want you all to know that this course of action was taken against my .
c) A and testament is a legal declaration by which a person names one or more persons to manage his/her estate and provides for the transfer of his property at death.
a) Any experience you can get in dealing with the public will you in good stead no matter what line of work you go into.
b) A deposit is a sum of money that a candidate must pay in return for the right to for election to certain political offices.
c) I reckon Madrid don't  a chance of beating Arsenal in the Champions League.
a) After having an affair with her boss and becoming pregnant, Samantha decided to her resignation and leave the company as quickly as possible.
b) Please don't cook my steak too much. I like it nice and , not tough and overdone
c) He became attracted to the game at the age of seven and quickly became one of the best players at his school.
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Take the information in the first sentence and re-write it, using the word in CAPITALS so that the second sentence has a similar meaning. You cannot change the word in capitals. Follow the example.

Example: “If I were you, I would just ignore dad's advice,” Dave told his sister.
  NOTICE - Dave advised his sister to their dad's advice.
1. When the sun eventually came out, they managed to film the video.
  SUCCEEDED - When the sun eventually came out, they the video.
2. 'Honestly, I didn't cheat in the exam!' said Pepito.
  DENIED - Pepito in the exam.
3. Kevin said it was his mother-in-law who broke his new coffee machine.
  BLAMED - Kevin his new coffee machine.
4. Maria didn't enjoy the film because of the noisy teenagers who were sitting in the next row.
  PREVENTED - The noisy teenagers who were sitting in the next row the film.
5. After the disgusting meal and terrible service, he demanded to see the manager.
  INSISTED - After the disgusting meal and terrible service, he the manager.
6. "I'm sorry I can't help," said Steven .
  APOLOGIZED - Steven to help.
7. "Don't walk through the town centre at night," the tour guide told us.
  WARNED - The tour guide through the town centre at night.
8. The specialist made Jenny take four different kinds of tests at the hospital.
  MADE - Jenny four different kinds of tests at the hospital.
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