Choose the best word to complete the following sentences.








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Choose the best word to complete the sentences.


1. Santa's hotel room was so dirty, cold and noisy that he on seeing the manager.
2. When Santa moved to Spain, it didn’t take him long to get to driving on the right hand side of the road.
3. Did you hear the on TV saying there's not going to be Christmas this year because of the recession?
4. from Rudolph, is their any other reindeer who doesn’t want mustard on their hotdog?
5. I’m trying to organise a of all the people who were in the original Christmas team when we started giving presents to children. It’s not easy because some of them are now working in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the North Pole.
6. The person who is in charge of Santa's Christmas magazine and blog and decides which articles will appear is the .
7. I know where you live Santa, but can you give me on how to get there?
8. Rescuers will to reach the lost reindeer when the snow clears.
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Choose the best word to complete the following sentences.

1. I went completely when I found out my son had dropped my Ipad off the balcony.
2. We had quite a argument at work last Tuesday and Tom hasn’t talked to me since.
3. Please don’t be with me. I promise I’ll never do it again.
4. When my dad found out we’d broken the window on purpose, he flew into a and wouldn’t let us go out for a month.
5. Simon’s going to blow his when he finds out he hasn’t got the promotion.
6. The hotel manager was trying to deal with an extremely customer when suddenly he hit him in the mouth.
7. When my dad was younger he used to embarrass the whole family with his sudden of temper.
8. Last time my friends from the UK came to visit us in Spain, the holiday was spoiled by their 7-year-old daughter who was constantly throwing about absolutely everything.
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Match the phrases to form some popular English idioms.

1. What goes around…
2. What does that have to do with…
3. Too many cooks…
4. Absence makes…
5. A change is as good as…
6. A fool and his money…
7. Actions speak louder…
8. All mouth and…
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