Match the phrases to form some popular English idioms.

1. A piece of
2. (To be) as dead as a
3. By the skin of our
4. (To be) in the driver's
5. (To be) on the right
6. This is the last
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Vocabulary - Lies and Deception
Choose the best word or phrase to complete the sentence.

1. I had a chat with my boss this morning and I was totally with her. She’s the kind of woman who really appreciates straight talking and hates beating about the bush.
2. The art experts removed a tiny sample of paint from the picture to test whether it was or a fake.
3. He was arrested on charges and sentenced to twenty years. It was only last year, seven years into his sentence, that the High Court finally cleared his name.
4. There is quite a lot of money in circulation at the moment, but the police are trying to find the forgers.
5. Some alternative healers may be very effective, but many are just who are only interested in taking your money.
6. If you are not used to shopping in foreign countries, it's quite easy to be by people who overcharge you.
7. The sculpture he tried to sell me was obviously a and I refused to buy it.
8. They’re doing a of a terrorist attack at the embassy, in order to practise procedures in the event of a real attack.
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Match the phrases to form some popular English idioms.

1. You've made your bed,
2. You can't make a silk purse
3. You have to strike
4. Time heals
5. What you see
6. You can judge a man .
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Multiple meaning words
Find ONE word that completes all three sentences and write it in the gaps.

a) The was flown at half mast at the Apple campus in Cupertino after the death of Steve Jobs.
b) Be careful when you come up to the next set of traffic lights. It's common for the police to people down there for breathalyzer tests, and you've had more than 4 pints.
c) After running in the midday sun for three hours, she's beginning to I can't see her winning again this year.
a) Their hearts are in the right place and they well, but they're such a pair of bloody idiots!
b) Why don't you buy your kids an ice cream. It's only a few euros, don't be so !
c) I went to school with a kid who was so that he would piss down my back and tell me it was raining.
a) My best mate has a in Covent Garden market. He sells ladies fashion accessories.
b) If they ask you a difficult question during a job interview, you can for time by taking out your handkerchief and blowing your nose while you think of a good answer.
c) I needed to take the car in for a service. I didn't understand why it would every time I stopped at the lights.
a) The reason water keeps dripping in your sink is that the in the tap is worn and it needs to be replaced.
b) Off the coast of Southern Japan, more culling has taken place and thousands of and their cubs have been clubbed to death.
c) The police decided to off the area after the bank robbery and we were stuck in traffic for hours.
a) Hey Jerry, could you a few minutes to go over this presentation with me. I'd really appreciate your input.
b) It was a horrible accident. He was totally smashed up after coming off his bike at that speed. I'll you the details while your eating. I don't want to put you off your food.
c) Have you got a pen you can lend me? I left mine in the car.
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