Match the phrases to form some popular English idioms.

1. A word is
2. One man's meat is another
3. You have to take the rough
4. Nothing ventured,
5. Hunt with cats and
6. Give a dog a bad name
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Gerund or Infinitive?
Decide whether the verb in brackets should be in the gerund or infinitive form and write it in the space.

1. Have you ever stopped (think) how lucky we are to have clean running water and electricity. We shouldn't take these things for granted you know.
2. I used to dread (give) presentations in front of an audience, but now I quite enjoy it.
3. Try (turn) the computer off and then on again if the screen's frozen. Sometimes that works.
4. I meant (send) you a copy of the contract by email, but it totally slipped my mind.
5. I've never regretted not (go) to university. I learned so much about life, and about people, just travelling around the world.
6. If you go on (behave) like that towards your workmates, you won't have any friends left in the office.
7. Forget (brush) your hair! We're in a hurry!
8. Though Pepito didn't like his new boss at first, after a while he came (think) of her as a friend.
9. Despite (be) at the company for less than a year, she went on (run) the research and development department.
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Match the phrases to form some popular English idioms.

1. Make the
2. Money talks
3. Out of the frying pan,
4. Time doesn't
5. Unlucky in cards,
6. Misery loves
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Read the text below and type the word which best fits in each space. Use only one word in each space.

Children and Convenience Foods

Nowadays, parents often feel guilty they don't give their children healthy food for single meal. Packaged food is frequently known 'junk food' but many instances that simply isn't so. Of course children should eat well, meals should also be relaxed enthusiastic and compatible with family life today.
And it's essential remember that most parents of young children are definition, extremely busy people. Convenience foods here to stay and they can be a valuable aid to the pursuit of happiness. Parents must seek out the best and aim a balance between real food and practicality. With these convenience foods, you can balance out the meal adding something fresh and home-made. When your children beg for ice-cream give frozen yoghurt with fresh fruit. Indeed, a home where the fruit bowl refilling regularly is a home people eat well. The crucial point is balance. is at stake is your child's gastronomic happiness - and your sanity.
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