Choose the best expression to complete the sentences.

1. She started crying when I broke up with her, but I don’t think she was upset. I think they were .
2. Nobody thinks that Pepito will get promoted to office manager, but he’s a bit of a . I wouldn’t be surprised if he got the job.
3. Samantha does look overweight, but she’s 6 years old. It’s only and I’m sure she’ll lose it when she gets older.
4. I’d love to be a when Simon resigns and tells his boss to stick his job.
5. La Mansión del Inglés has been teaching English online for .
6. The software hasn’t been perfected yet, but we’re using our top 500 subscribers as to test it out before we release it to everyone.
7. We stayed in a beautiful hotel in San Sebastian that had a of the sea and the beach.
8. My wife is always reading something, so I bought her an ebook reader for her birthday. It’s the perfect gift for a .

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  Consulta algunas reglas de pronunciación de la terminación 'ed'

  Now listen to the pronunciation and choose the correct –ed sound for the following words:

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1. moved
2. excited
3. walked
4. amazed
5. marked
6. coughed
7. hoped
  8. rained
9. started
10. loaded
11. finished
12. hated
13. queued
14. cleaned
15. crushed

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Use the following animals as verbs and complete the sentences. Follow the example.

worm / monkey / hound / fox / dog / ram / duck / badger

Example: I knew my girlfriend was cheating on me and I managed to the truth out of her by showing her the call history of her mobile phone.
1. My sister through a shoe at my head. I and it went through the bedroom window.
2. Stop around with the hosepipe and come and help me clean the car!
3. His wife left him, he lost his job, he’s been burgled twice and now he’s in hospital with a broken leg. He’s been by misfortune these last two years.
4. My eldest daughter has been me for ages to buy her a motorbike, but I’m dead scared she’ll have an accident with it.
5. This new software program has well and truly me. I haven’t got a clue how it works.
6. Ever since Pepito was caught following Katy Perry in the street, he’s been by the press.

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  Find the Collocation – TO PUT, TO CAST, TO SHED, TO CRACK. Choose the one verb that collocates with the following expressions.

1. a nut / a joke / a safe / your knuckles / under the strain
your foot down / two and two together / your feet up / paid to something / your foot in it / someone off doing something
a tear / leaves / a load / blood / light on something
a shadow / doubt on something / your mind back / a net / a spell on someone
Gramática práctica

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Write the best verb in the correct form for each sentence.

1. There was a huge traffic jam on the way back from work today. I think a lorry had shed on the motorway.
2. Please stop cracking while I’m watching TV. It’s really annoying!
3. Cast , if you will, to the time when we didn’t have a mobile phone in our pocket and life was a lot simpler.
4. I wouldn’t even shed for that man. He’s a criminal and deserves to go to prison.
5. There’s nothing I like better at the end of the day than putting and watching a good film on TV.
6. I told everyone at work that you’re getting married. I hope I didn’t put .
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