Match the phrases to form some popular English idioms.

1. It's like water off
2. It's as broad as
3. It's (a question of)
4. In the land of the blind,
5. Home is where
6. It never rains,
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Multiple Meaning Words
one word that completes all three sentences and write it in the gaps.

a) It's been a really slow day in the shop. Every half an hour or so the customer would walk in, but they never bought anything.
b) I think it's really that you don't like chocolate. I thought everybody liked chocolate.
c) 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 etc. are known as even numbers and 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 etc are the numbers.
a) I went to buy those shoes today but they were out of , so I had to order them and they'll be in next Thursday.
b) The secret of a good paella is in the fish or chicken that you cook the rice in.
c) He sold 8% of the he had in the company and made enough money to buy a boat.
a) The terrorist ran out of the airport and immediately fell to the floor in a of bullets. None of them survived.
b) Have you ever tried to a cab in New York City during the rush hour? It's like pushing a piece of string uphill.
c) The heavy rain turned to and the huge chunks of ice actually broke two windows in my greenhouse.
a) I had trouble imagining the value of the company when it went public. $42 billion is such an astronomical I can't get my head around it.
b) Despite having a couple of kids she looks great and she's got a fantastic
c) If you look at the on this slide you can see our production model for the new product line.
a) My granddad has a of land near his house where he grows a few vegetables.
b) When I watch films in French it's hard for me to follow the .
c) The secret service discovered a to overthrow the government.
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Match the phrases to form some popular English idioms.

1. Put your foot
2. Once a thief,
3. Never say
4. (To) leave no
5. Put your cards
6. Let bygones
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Multiple Meaning Words
Find one word that completes all three sentences and write it in the gaps.

a) How do you . for the fact that there were six cup cakes on the plate when I went out and now there's only one?
b) They sold the software company and retired on of a very generous offer made by Facebook.
c) You must never, on any , rely on him of you need help. He's a complete bastard who would sell his own grandmother for the right price.
a) I believe that the best way to settle old is to let sleeping dogs lie.
b) of lorry drivers formed a blockade at the port of Dover today to stop French truck drivers coming off the ferry.
c) If Messi against Valencia tomorrow he'll be the break the world record of most goals in one season.
a) You can prepare the best presentation in the world, but if your is bad you'll lose your audience.
b) When you were born you were a very difficult Your mother was in labour for 18 hours.
c) Does your courier service provide afternoon ? I work in the mornings and I'm never at home then.
a) When I got home I found the window smashed and our dog was lying on the floor in a of blood.
b) It's easier to get things done if people just learn to their resources in a common fund.
c) Some of our neighbours have organised a car to take it turns to drive into town. This way we can be a bit greener and save on petrol.
a) We can a credit note for the amount you are claiming, and you are free to spend it at any one of our stores.
b) The of low wages and bad working conditions in factories overseas should be addressed by the government.
c) The State Department is expected to a warning on Sunday to anyone who submits false information.
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