Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word in bold. Do not change the word in bold. You must use between three and six words, including the word in bold.

1) I would like to say that I wasn’t satisfied with how the hotel staff treated me.
  - I wish to the poor service at your hotel.
2) It is hardly likely that we will be going to Italy on holiday this year.
There is to Italy on holiday this year.
3) “Will you drive me to the airport, please,” Pepito asked me.
  - Pepito asked if to the airport.
4) Can I help you, madam?
  - Are , madam?
5) You have to tell the travel agent two weeks in advance if you are changing your booking.
  - Customers are if they intend to change their booking.
6) You should never leave your luggage anywhere and just go off.
  - On no unattended.
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The prefixes un and dis can be used to make some verbs negative. The opposite of agree is disagree, the opposite of do is undo.
What are the opposites of these verbs?


  1. approve
  2. dress
  3. like
  4. credit
  5. connect
  6. lock
  7. zip
  8. prove
  9. qualify
10. believe
11. fold
12. bend
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Match the prefixes with their meanings.

1. sub-   6. auto-   11. mis-
2. semi-   7. pro-   12. mono-
3. re-   8. post-   13. over-
4. anti-   9. bi-   14. multi-
5. micro-   10.- ex-   15. under-
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Write more examples for each prefix in the spaces.

Prefix   Example More examples Prefix   Example More examples
ex   ex-president over   oversleep
bi   bisexual multi   multi-purpose
mis   misunderstand under   underworked
micro   microscopic sub   subway
auto   autobiography semi   semi-final
pro   pro-government anti   antisocial
post   postgraduate re   rewind
mono   monologue        
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