Choose the best response for each sentence.

1. How old are you?
2. I went to the airport.....
3. How long have you been living in Madrid?
4. We haven't got money.
5. the cinema
6. Juan fly to Liverpool tomorrow.
7. I wanted a black jacket, but they only had
8. The tall boy over there is my boyfriend.
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Write the best verb in the correct form for each sentence.

catch up / dress up / stay up / call up / brush up / come up

1. The worst thing about going to a wedding is and having to wear a suit and tie.
2. I'm thinking of going to Dublin for a few weeks this summer to my English.
3. I was having a beer in the local pub yesterday when a gorgeous girl to me and asked me to buy her a drink.
4. If you decide to come to Valencia next month, me and we can have lunch together.
5. I'm still studying Chinese, but I'm so far behind the rest of the class. I don't think I'll ever .
6. You should go to bed if you're tired. I'm going to and watch the rest of this film.
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Choose the verb which collocates with the following nouns. 

1. playing
2. taking
3. making
4. entertaining
5. doing
6. exchanging
7. going
8. throwing

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Complete the following sentences with a collocation from the previous exercise. You may need to change the verb form. 

1. As soon as we've checked into the hotel and unpacked we're . I can't wait to explore the city.
2. Maria loves and . She's the perfect hostess and she really enjoys socialising.
3. I know I'm overweight, but I hate . Whenever I think about going to the gym it puts me in a terrible mood.
4. If there's one thing my brother-in-law enjoys more than doing business, it's . His company cleared a net profit of half a million euros last year.
5. I used to love with my old camera, but my husband bought this new Nikon and I've absolutely no idea how the bloody thing works!

As soon as we've checked
into the hotel and unpacked...

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