You’re going to listen to a man talking about travelling by air. Before you listen, practise some vocabulary he uses. Match the English words with their Spanish translations.

1. to pick up
2. to drop off
3. rush hour
4. to take off
5. to land
6. to book

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Now do the same with the following words.

1. to check in
2. boarding card or boarding pass
3. gate
4. aisle
5. seat belt
6. cabin crew

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Choose words from the menu to make compound nouns

1. hand
2. honey
3. rain
4. wind
5. rain
6. boy

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Now complete each sentence with one of the compound nouns from the previous exercise.

1. It was sunny and raining at the same time today and we saw a lovely .
2. Has Gina got a new _? I saw her walking arm in arm with a guy in the shopping centre today
3. After the wedding we’re going to Benidorm for our .
4. A stone was thrown up by a passing lorry and cracked the of our car.
5. Can you pass me my purse, please. It’s in my .
6. You’ll need your if you’re going out. It’s pouring down outside.
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The following words can easily be confused. Complete the sentences by using a suitable word.

know / meet / accustomed / familiar / family / aware

1. That girl in the red dress looks very . I’m sure I’ve seen her before.
2. I’m not of anything that might have made him angry. Maybe he’s having problems at home.
3. “Hello. My name’s Pepe, nice to you.”
4. We’re having a dinner on Christmas Day, and you’re welcome to come and spend the day with us if you want to.
5. “Hello. I’m Samantha. I don’t think we each other. I work with your brother.”
6. I told my boss that I wasn’t to working weekends, and that if there was a lot of work he would have to do it himself!

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