Match the travel nouns with their definitions.

Example: deep blue, calm, cold, rough

1. coach, sightseeing, package, guided
2. summer, package, beach, adventure
3. coach, boat, day, business
4. holiday, tourist, seaside, popular
5. crowded, golden, sandy, deserted
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Match the words with the correct list. Follow the example.
1. When you travel by ship and stop at different places

2. When you go somewhere, stay there and come back (on business or on holiday)

3. When you travel by plane

4. When you visit several different places following an organised plan

5. When you travel a long way by sea or in space

6. When you travel from place to place by road, train etc.
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Complete the following sentences with words from the above table. Change the form of the word if necessary.

1. During the Fallas festival in Valencia, the noise on the streets is .
2. You’ve put too much milk in my coffee. I can’t drink it now, it’s too .
3. They should have this road years ago. When people double-park it makes it much too narrow.
4. These jeans fit me alright around the waist, but what are they? You know how short and fat my legs are.
- Don’t worry, if they’re too long we can them.
5. The hardest part of the interview was when she asked me what I thought my strengths and were.
6. Aconcagua is located in the Andes and reaches a of 6962 m. It is the mountain in the Americas.
7. This watch is waterproof and can be taken to a of 30 metres.
8. When I travel I learn a lot about different cultures, societies and ways of life. I think that travel really the mind.

the noise on the streets is...

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Complete the table.

Adjective   Noun   Verb
broad     broaden
wide   width  
weak     weaken
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