Complete the sentences with "so", "such" or "such a".

1. The time went slowly that half of us fell asleep.
2. There was little to do at night that I was bored out of my mind most of the time.
3. We met nice people on the cruise that we've been having reunions every year for the last three years.
4. They gave me disgusting food that I couldn’t eat it.
5. I ate much chocolate that I put on two kilos.
6. It was small plane that there wasn't even room for our suitcases.
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Match the two halves to make common collocations and logical sentences. 

a) no sense to me.
b) his best to run the company blog.
c) sight of my ex-girlfriend talking to my wife.
d) it difficult not to show how attracted she was to him.
e) the blame on his younger sister.
f) me great pleasure to announce the marriage of my daughter Catherine to John Samuels.
g) as no surprise to the design team.
h) his eye and order another cocktail, but the waiter wasn't taking any notice.
i) a good time at the conference last week?
j) a lot of pressure on me to start a family but I just wasn't ready.

1. Harry broke the TV, but he tried to put -
2. Outsourcing the mobile phone application came -
3. Did you have -
4. I don't understand why Tom left his job and moved to France. It makes -
5. Ladies and gentlemen, it gives -
6. When I first got married, my husband put -
7. I went red with embarrassment when I caught -
8. Pepito did his best to catch -
9. Although Pepito doesn't have a background in Journalism, he's trying -
10.When Maria saw Danny in his tight jeans, she found -

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Match the second part of the following sentences using so and because.

1. My wife was really angry because
2. My car wouldn't start this morning so
3. We all went for a long walk along the beach after lunch because
4. We both have to wake up early tomorrow so
5. Although it was Monday the café was closed because
6. She wants to study abroad so
7. Our room had been double booked so
8. I missed the last train because

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Match the two halves to make common collocations and logical sentences. 

a) great pride in doing her job to the best of her ability.Diccionario online
b) great difficulty in speaking and understanding the language.
c) more effort into his work.
d) the chance to meet a top model.
e) me a favour and lend me your car for a day?
f) the most of your time there and only speak Spanish.
g) more attention during the lesson.
h) no notice when Pepito suddenly started to take off his clothes on the train.
i) rid of that old bed and bought ourselves a new one.
j) a joke on him.

1. When you're in Valencia, make -
2. All the passengers took -
3. Before I started going out with my French girlfriend, I had -
4. The night before the wedding, at the stag party, Pepito's friends decided to play -
5. Maria takes -
6. David was very excited. Not everyone gets -
7. I think it's about time we got -
8. Your English grades are very disappointing. You should pay -
9. He'll get the promotion he wants next year if he puts -
10.I wonder if you could do -

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