Find and correct the mistakes in the following sentences. Write the correct sentence in the spaces below. There may be more than one mistake in each sentence. Follow the example:

Example: You should do a reservation if you go during crowded season.
     You should make a reservation if you go during high/peak season.

1. Last summer we took a tent and stayed on some lovely campings in Ireland.

2. Taking the sun can be dangerous in Spain if you don't use sun protection.

3. If it's enough hot we could have a bath in the sea.

4. It's not full-board, it's partly-board. We only get breakfast and dinner.

5. They made an excursion to a village in the hills which was really interested.

6. When we were in Paris we made sightseeing and saw all the main attractions.

7. Are you going on a business travel?

8. Last August, Pepito passed his holiday partying in Ibiza.

9. Our fly is open so we can come when we want.

10. Are all the foods included in the price?
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Choose the best question word for each of the following questions.
 1) was the hotel like in Barcelona?
 2) is the brown sugar?
 3) about going out for a beer after work?
 4) do you like your whisky?
 5) is my black leather jacket, Mum?
 6) do Anne and Betty get to school every day?
 7) does your brother get back from college?
 8) don't you like chocolate?
 9) are we going to that big shopping centre again?
10) do you do Karate?

... was te hotel like
in Barcelona?

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 Write one verb that goes with the words and expressions. Follow the example:

 Example: money / someone's life / energy
 1. your way / your wallet / your temper
 2. a trip / strike / a diet
 3. a mistake / a mess / the bed
 4. a business / a marathon / away
 5. a lot of weight / your jacket / the TV
 6. vegetables / a beard / old
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A veces en inglés encontramos dos palabras que dan sentido a una idea o concepto y que se unen con "and". El orden de las palabras normalmente es fijo. Por ejemplo: "fish and chips" (no se dice chips and fish).

Lee las frases siguientes y elige el orden más común de las palabras.

1. When I sit down to work at my desk, I like it to be .
2. Before we make a decision I think we should discuss the of the situation.
3. - What would you like to drink?
- I think I'll have a .
4. Nobody taught me how to use the new software. I learnt by .
5. We had a lovely holiday in the countryside. I love the of small villages.
6. Do you fancy cereal or for breakfast?
7. I've decided to invest in some .
8. Shall I print this document out in colour or ?
9. We had terrible weather in Scotland. For three days we had storms with .
10. , I apologise for the delay. The presentation will start in about five minutes.
11. I don't know why you're so stressed about the interview. It's not exactly a matter of you know.
12. The problem with the kids of today is that they don't know the difference between .

When I sit down to work
at my desk, I like it to be ...

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