Decide whether the verb in brackets should be in the gerund or infinitive form and write it in the space. Follow the example.

Example: Your mother and I want you (make) up your mind and let us know if you're coming on holiday with us.

1. We decided (extend) our stay in New York by 10 days.
2. Pepito admitted (copy) his presentation from the Internet.
3. We can’t afford (buy) a new car at the moment.
4. Would you mind (wait) outside my office for a few minutes while I make a phone call?
5. Do you happen (know) if there's a good restaurant near here?
6. Whenever I see her, she’s busy (do) the shopping.
7. Passengers are kindly reminded (fasten) their seatbelts before take-off.
8. We don’t appreciate (be) made to wait two weeks before (hear) your decision.

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Complete the words.
1. The person who takes your money in a supermarket is the and she/he puts the money you pay in the
2. If you have a lot of shopping and no private transport, some supermarkets offer a service. There isn’t usually any for this service as long as you have spent the minimum amount required by the shop.
3. The piece of paper you get when you pay for something is the
4. The is attached to clothes and tells you where the product was made, the material composition, the name of the manufacturer, and the washing instructions.
5. When you take something back to a shop you will sometimes be able to get a . If you can't get your money back, you will probably be able to your purchase for something of similar value.
6. In large supermarkets (sometimes called hypermarkets) there’s a wide of products for shoppers to choose from.
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 Complete the dialogues with the verbs. Use the present perfect simple or the past simple. Follow the example.

Example: I’ve had snake before, but (not / eat) crocodile meat.

A: Hello, could I speak to Ann Williams, please?
B: I’m sorry, she (just / go) out to lunch.
A: (you / ever/ lend) anyone your video camera and microphones?
B: Yes, I (lend) them to a guy at work last month and he (break) one of the microphones. I would never do it again!
A: (you / get) the shopping when you were in town this morning?
B: No, because I only (have) time to go to the dentist.
Doctor: What seems to be the problem?
Patient: I (fall) over playing tennis. I think I (break) my ankle.
A: How long (you / know) each other?
B: Well, we (meet) on holiday four years ago and we (be) good friends ever since.
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Choose the best word/s for each gap.

1. I really hate doing the . Especially ironing, washing the dishes and cleaning the floor.
2. I'm terribly sorry but I haven't had to answer your email.
3. Did you in Barcelona last weekend?
4. I thought Pepito said he to buy the meat for the barbeque.
5. have you been living in Berlin?
6. These jeans don't me. They're much too tight.
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