Choose the best adjective to describe the events.

1. The play was very long, slow and uninteresting. The plot was so .
2. The spa and the massage took away all my stress. The health resort was very .
3. I had a very good meal. It was totally .
4. I was very angry when they didn’t give me a refund. It was very .
5. The music was very beautiful and made me feel magical. It was so .
6. Her flat was dirty and hadn’t been cleaned for months. The kitchen was absolutely .
7. The book was very funny and made me laugh. It was really .
8. The news was very bad and I felt extremely unhappy. The death of a close friend is so .
9. I cried at the end of the film when the girl and her father were killed. The story was so .
10. Your story about you being attacked and robbed at gunpoint made me feel really frightened. The experience sounds absolutely .
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Now read the sentences again and write how you might have felt in each of the above situations.

1. I felt really bored.
2. I felt completely .
3. I was very .
4. I felt so .
5. I was by the music.
6. I was by the condition the kitchen was in.
7. I was really by it.
8. I felt very .
9. I was actually quite .
10. I was absolutely by what happened to you.
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Choose the best verb (have, make, take or do) to complete the following collocations.

 1. action
 2. advantage (of)
 3. arrangements
 4. an attempt
 5. an application
 6. amends
 7. a baby
 8. the bed
 9. a bid (for)
10. business
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Choose the strong adjectives that go together with the adjectives below.

 1. dirty
 2. cold
 3. big
 4. hungry
 5. good
 6. small
 7. bad
 8. angry
 9. tasty
10. afraid
11. hot
12. tired
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