Complete the dialogues with shall, going to, will or the present continuous. Follow the example.

Example: I’m sure your brother (help) you if you ask him.
A: I (go) to the city centre this afternoon.
(I /go) to the supermarket on my
way back?
B: Yes please, we need bread, milk, more coffee and some biscuits.
A: OK. I (get) all that. (I / get) some fresh fish for lunch?
B: Yes, good idea!
A: According to the app on my mobile the weather (be) excellent this weekend. Sunny and warm.
B: That’s good, because some friends (come) to visit with their two kids and we (go) to have a picnic on the beach.
A: I went to see the new Will Smith film last night at the cinema.
It’s really good.
B: Oh good. I (see) it on Friday with a girl from work.
A: I'm sure you (love) it.
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Choose the best word for each sentence.
1. It’s a of time going to look at furniture if we can't afford to buy anything.
2. It’s no buying Steven a tennis racket if he doesn't like playing tennis.
3. I can’t falling asleep in front of the TV. It's been such a hard week.
4. There’s no in complaining to the manager about the food now that we've eaten it, we just won't come back here again.
5. I can’t going to noisy pubs and parties where there are crowds of people.
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 Decide whether the verb in brackets should be in the gerund or infinitive form and write it in the space. Follow the example.

Example: Your mother and I want you (make) up your mind and let us know if you're coming on holiday with us.
1. She has a lot of difficulties (make) new friends.
2. Peter’s only interested in (ride) motorbikes.
3. Maria's too lazy (paint) the flat herself.
4. Pepito’s unlikely (pass) his driving test.
5. My girlfriend suggested (go) to Ibiza for Easter.
6. Jenny didn't deny (find) my parents a bit boring.
7. We had a fantastic time (tour) round the South of France with the kids.
8. Pepito was fined for (speak) on his mobile in the car.
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Choose the British English word which means the same as the American English word (in bold).

1. We had to queue up for 40 minutes at the cinema last night.
2. Our dog attacked the postman yesterday and tore his trousers.
3. We need to phone the plumber. There's a problem with the kitchen tap in your grandmother's flat.
4. The lift isn't working. Would you mind phoning the caretaker?
5. Do you want more coffee, or should we ask the waiter for the bill?
6. We spent a lot of money in the shops, ran out of petrol on the motorway and had to take the underground home.

American vs British

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