Choose the correct answer.

1. 'Has the film finished?' 'No, not .'
2. What you do last night?
3. What you do if she doesn’t reply to your email?
4. I come and see you tonight if I can borrow my dad's car.
5. 'I don’t want to go out tonight.'
    ' do I. Let's stay in.'
6. I think this is the hotel we've ever stayed in.
7. You can't lift all those bags by yourself. you.
8. the game tomorrow?
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Write one verb that goes with the words and expressions. Follow the example.
Example: money
someone's life / energy
1. the bill
a compliment / attention
2. your best
the shopping / some work
3. chess
a game / the guitar
4. planes
a $100 bill / your clothes
5. a law
the biscuits / a driving test
6. the truth
a story / him to come in
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 Put the verb in brackets to the best tense of verb form.

1. Take your umbrella with you in case it (rain). The weather forecast (say) it (get) colder today, so if I were you I (put on) a thick sweater.
2. I'm really sorry we (not be) in touch for so long. Since we (move) to Barcelona, we (be) very busy (do up*) our flat here. We (try) to send you an email, but it came back to us so you (must / change) your address.
*to do up = to decorate (pintar, hacer reformas)
3. We (go) out to a pub quiz tonight, but we (just / hear) that it (cancel), so I think we (just / stay) at home and watch a film instead.
4. Hey Maria! How are you? I (not see) you for ages. You (look) great! What (you do) since we last (met)?
5. We intended (go) (drive) around Europe this summer, but my mother-in-law is sick, so I suppose we (stay) at home.
6. I wish you (tell) me that you (not eat) seafood, and I (not make) paella. Let me (make) something else for you.
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Elige la parte del cuerpo que se utiliza con cada sentido o para realizar cada acción.

1. see
2. hear
3. smell
4. kiss
5. bite
6. touch
7. think
8. kick
9. smile
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