Choose the correct article; the, a, an or zero.

The Dead Sea

Dead Sea, which lies between Jordan and Israel, is lowest lake in world. It is about 397 metres below sea level and it contains saltiest water in world. This is because several rivers carrying minerals (including salt) flow into lake, but none flow out of it. Surface water evaporates, but all minerals remain behind.

Salt makes it easy for swimmers to float – you can even read book while floating on your back. In fact lake contains six times more salt than ordinary sea water so swimmer’s body is six times more buoyant than usual.

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Write the best verb in the correct form for each sentence.

speak up / get up / go up / blow up / sum up / clear up

1. Fresh fish has become really expensive. The price has by about 30%.
2. What time do you usually on Saturdays?
3. I'm sorry, my internet connection's really bad and I can't hear you very well. Can you please?
4. .....and finally, to , I'd like to summarize the main points of this presentation.
5. If you don't the mess in your room before your dad gets home from work, you're not going out tonight!
6. Terrorists a bus in the city centre. 12 people were killed in the explosion and 22 were injured.

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 Write the comparative or superlative form of the adjectives. Follow the example.

Example: In my opinion, the Spanish are some of (friendly) people in the world.

1. That was probably (bad) paella I’ve ever tasted. It was disgusting!
2. I think this film is (interesting) than the one we saw last week and walked out in the middle of.
3. The trip to Lisbon was (expensive) than our trip to Paris.
4. When we all checked in for the flight, David’s luggage was (heavy).
5. The trains in Beijing are (modern) I’ve ever travelled on.
6. Here new boyfriend is (attractive) as her last one.
7. Is Internet connection in Argentina (expensive) as in your country?
8. This is (easy) video editing software I've ever used.
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Choose the best word/s for each gap.

1. No, you don't understand me. That wasn't .
2. I left university .
3) With unemployment being so high, there's looking for a job these days.
4) I'm afraid that's just not good enough! I see the manager please.
5) Do you think it's better to rent a flat or get a from the bank?
6) How much did you pay for your laptop?
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