Complete the sentences with a gerund or infinitive of the verb in brackets.

1. He was surprised (discover) that she was a transvestite.
2. Whenever I phone her, she’s busy (do) the housework.
3. Few cities are as lovely as Valencia (live) in.
4. Thank you so much for (give) me a hand. I don't know what I would have done without you.
5. It might be worth (take) it back to the shop.
6. She’s not used to (work) in a sandwich bar.
7. I’ll be happy (help) you as soon as I've finished (check) my email.
8. If you have problems (do) these exercises, don’t forget (send) us a message on Facebook..

He was surprised...

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Write the opposite of the words in CAPITALS.
1. This knife isn’t BLUNT. Be careful. It’s really .
2. Despite the price, the steak wasn’t TENDER. It was rather .
3. When we flew to Majorca we had a good TAKE OFF but the was a bit scary.
4. She’ll never AGREE to go out with me. If I ask her, she'll definitely .
5. We didn’t CATCH the last train. We it by two minutes.
6. This new software you've installed isn't USEFUL at all. It’s absolutely !
7. The winters in Valencia aren’t very SEVERE. They are very
8. If they ask you who crashed the car, don’t ADMIT it. You should everything..

This knife isn't blunt. Be careful...

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 Complete the sentences with the correct superlative.

1. One of the (expensive) cars in the world is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sports which costs $2,400,000.
2. One of the (beautiful) places I’ve ever visited is Vietnam
3. The season I like the (less) is summer because it's far too hot in Spain for my English blood.
4. The (good) website on the internet is La Mansión del Inglés, of course!
5. The (long) distance I’ve ever travelled is when I went to New Zealand in 2006.
6. The (intelligent) person I know is my cousin Eric who is a professor at an English university.
7. The (bad) day of the week for me is Saturday because I have to work in the morning when most people are in bed.
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Complete the sentences with one of the following get expressions in the correct form.

get fit   /   get books or dvds   /   get dark   /   get money
get dressed   /   get worse   /   get married   /   get older


1. When do you think is the best age to ?
2. Do you think that crime is where you live?
3. Do you think it’s important to ?
4. Do you ever on the internet?
5. What time does it where you live?
6. Do you prefer to or a present for your birthday?
7. Do you worry about ?
8. Do you usually before you have breakfast in the morning?
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