Choose the best verb (have, make, take or do) to complete the following collocations. Follow the example:

1. a party
 2. an example of
 3. a favour
 4. friends with
 5. (some) good
 6. an investment
 7. a list
 8. a mistake
 9. money
10. a noise
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Now read the following sentences and complete them with a collocation from the previous exercise. Follow the example.
Example: We a big when we bought that car. It's cost us a lot of money.
1. I spent a lot of time on my own when I was a child. It was difficult for me to
2. Can you me and lend me 200 euros until I get paid?
3. You won't remember all the things you have to buy. Why don't you ?
4. The stock market is very unstable at the moment. I think the best way to is to buy property like a flat, a house or a piece of land.
5. Shhhhh! Don't . Dad's sleeping.
6. It's mum and dad's 50th wedding anniversary soon. I think we should to celebrate.
7. I think 9 months in prison was a hard sentence for downloading content illegally from the internet, but the judge wanted to him.
8. In my opinion, footballers, film stars and investment bankers too much these days.

We made a big mistake
when we bought that car

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Causative HAVE

Have + object + past participle -- to have something done

We use causative have when arranging for someone to do something for us:

   They painted their flat. (they did it themselves)
   They had their flat painted. (they paid someone to paint it)

   I cut my hair this morning. (I cut it myself)
   I had my hair cut this morning. (I went to the hairdresser)

Get is possible instead of have, usually in informal spoken English.
   I'm going to get my suit cleaned tomorrow.

Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. You must use the word in BOLD and you cannot change this word.
Follow the example:

 Example: You should get a dentist to look at your teeth if your toothache is getting worse.
You should at if your toothache is getting worse.
1. A specialist is going to examine my back next week.
I’m going by a specialist next week.
2. Before you move to Spain you should arrange for someone to install air-conditioning in your new house.
Before you move you should arrange to in your new Spanish house.
3. Who did your hair last week?
Where did last week?
4. My dad was really angry because someone had pierced my ears without his permission
My dad was really angry because I without his permission.
5. I can’t do the translation because my computer is being repaired.
I can’t do the translation because I at the moment.
6. Robert's shoes are always made in London.
Robert always in London.
7. Your headaches might be because of your eyes. An optician should check them.
If I were you I by an optician.
8. You had better fix the puncture before mum and dad get back from holiday.
You had better before mum and dad get back from holiday.
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Choose the best word for each sentence.

1.The is the music of a film.
2. The part that an actor or actress plays in a film is called the .
3. In 2010, Colin Firth won an Oscar for his in The King's Speech.
4. The people who watch a film in the cinema are called
5. When actors and actresses practise for a film or a play it's called a .
6. Some scenes in the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough were filmed location in Bilbao, Spain.
7. A person who writes their opinion of a film is called a . The text he or she writes is called a .
8. All of the actors and actresses in a film is/are the .
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