Choose the best preposition.

1. I always have difficulty choosing the correct preposition.
2. I'm looking my car keys. Have you seen them?
3. I'm tired learning English.
4. The book was written Stephen King.
5. I'm extremely disappointed you.
6. What are you and your husband doing Christmas?
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Use the word in capitals at the beginning of the sentence to form a word that fits in the gap. Follow the example.

ROB - The bank only took about 15 minutes and they got away with over half a million euros.

1. HIJACK - The four took control of the plane and diverted it to Pakistan.
2. WORTH - The painting turned out to be . It was a cheap imitation of a Picasso.
3. LEGAL - It’s to sell alcoholic drinks to children under the age of 16.
4. VANDAL - I was shocked by the amount of I saw in major British cities.
5. PUNISH - We believe that there can be no severe enough for such a horrifying crime.
6. KIDNAP - Following a series of in Colombia and Venezuela, diplomats have been advised to travel with body guards.

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Complete the gaps in the table.

1. I didn’t understand the word so

2. Pepito was really hungry because

3. We took ages to park so

4. My friends stayed in a hotel when they came to visit because

5. She was having trouble getting to sleep so

6. Sally decided not to buy the shoes because

7. When I was little I was afraid of the dark so

8. I’m sure something has happened because

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Choose the best word to complete the sentences.

1. The hotel room was so dirty, cold and noisy that I on seeing the manager.
2. When I moved to Spain, it didn’t take me long to get to driving on the right hand side of the road.
3. Did you hear the on TV saying there's going to be a general election in May?
4. from Simon, is their anyone else who doesn’t want mustard on their hotdog?
5. I’m trying to organise a of all the people who were in the original team when we started the company in 2001. It’s not easy because some of them are now working in other cities.
6. The person who is in charge of a newspaper or magazine and decides which articles will appear is .
7. I think I know where you live, but can you give me on how to get there?
8. Rescuers will to reach the lost climbers when the snow clears.
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