Choose the correct answer.

1. " you ever been to this restaurant?"
- "No, this is the first time."
2. We be at the meeting.
3. I the cinema on Sunday evenings.
4. I put saffron in the paella.
5. He couldn’t remember where he his car.
6. I on the train when suddenly my mobile rang.
7. Hello! Come in. I’ve made some iced tea. Would you like some?
8. before breakfast is the best time if you want to burn calories.
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Choose GET, GO or HAVE to complete the following sentences.
1. How many e-mails did you last week?
2. Does she usually drunk on two glasses of wine?
3. Did you a shower this morning?
4. Did you on a cruise this summer?
5. Did you anywhere nice at the weekend?
6. What time did you home from work today?
7. Do you always up so early?
8. Did you out on Saturday night?
9. Where did you your new mobile phone?
10. Where did you for lunch on Sunday?
11. Who did you dinner with yesterday?.
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 Complete the sentences with the correct form of can, could or be able to. More than one answer may be possible. Follow the example.

Example: We both lost our jobs, so we haven't been able to have a holiday this year.

1. Would you like to retire before you're 55, or do you think you'd get bored?
2. I've tried all the shops in the city, but I haven't find a bicycle that I really like.
3. In spite of ordering far too much food, my mother-in-law finish all of it and ask for a dessert!
4. We're fully booked this weekend, but we come round for dinner the weekend after.
5. Pepito loves go on holiday whenever he feels like it.
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The following words can easily be confused. Complete the sentences by using a suitable word.

keen / fond / appeal / fascinated / fancy / interested

1. I don’t going out tonight. There’s a good film on TV, and I want to study with La Mansión del Inglés.
2. Working for a big multinational company really to me.
3. Samantha is very in learning more about anatomy.
4. Pepito is really on his new job in the soap factory.
5. I’m by astronomy, cosmology and the connection between space and time.
6. Domingo is of having a good bottle of red wine with his meal.

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