Escribe la respuesta correcta.

1. Is that Juan and Cristina’s flat?
    No, is the one on the top floor.
2. your parents born here?
3. What ?
    She’s making dinner.
4. Do you like shopping?
5. How much coffee do you drink a day?
6. speak Spanish?
    Yes, I can.
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Elige el término contrario (antónimo).
1. interesting
2. left
3. north
4. early
5. easy
6. rich
7. male
8. first
9. pretty
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 Completa las preguntas con el superlativo del adjetivo entre paréntesis. Sigue el ejemplo.

Ej. What’s the film you have seen recently? (GOOD)
1. Which do you think is the television programme? (BAD)
2. What’s the place you know? (BEAUTIFUL)
3. Who is the person in your family? (TALL)
4. What’s the thing for you about learning English? (DIFFICULT)
5. What’s the river in your country? (LONG)
6. Who is the person you know? (GENEROUS)
7. Who is the footballer in your country? (POPULAR)
8. What’s the you have travelled by plane? (FAR)
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Escribe la palabra que falta para cada frase.

1. You pay to park your car here
2. On a restaurant menu, ice-cream, fruit, chocolate cake etc are
3. You can buy medicine here
4. People usually put milk, eggs, and fresh food in the
5. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are the three of the day
6. You use this to take photos
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