Elige el mejor verbo para cada frase.

1. Santa Claus many languages including French, German and Japanese.
2. Santa Claus also the piano.
3. Santa's son his English homework.
4. Santa's workers rice dishes.
5. Please your name, address, passport number and Christmas list here.
6. Santa Claus Facebook and Twitter to send messages.
7. Santa Claus skiing after work.
8. Santa's girlfriend translation at Valencia University.
9. Santa socks and sandals in the summer!
10.When Santa isn't working he a blue Ford Focus.
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Relaciona las siguientes palabras con expresiones navideñas.
1. Christmas
2. Boxing
3. Wrapping
4. Santa
5. North
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 Elige el verbo correcto.

1. dressed
2. the dog for a walk
3. a shower
4. your homework
5. shopping
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Elige entre las frases del ejercicio anterior la más adecuada para cada uno de los espacios siguientes a completar.

1. I can't help you to because I'm making dinner. Why don't you ask dad. He's in the lounge watching the football. He'll be happy to help you.
2. I usually after I have a shower in the morning and before I have breakfast.
3. It's my responsibility to twice a day and I go along the street in the morning and to the park in the evening. It's nice for her to have a good run in an open space.
4. My wife and I together on Friday evening after work. We usually go to the supermarket, but we sometimes go to the street market in the city centre to buy fresh fruit and vegetables.
5. I need to and wash my hair before I go out.
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