Elige la respuesta correcta.

1. I’ve got a new in a bank.
2. They did a fantastic painting the flat.
3. He’s got a lot of translation from the university.
4. Learning English is hard .
5. If is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.
6. You’ve never done a day’s in your life!
7. There will be a lot of losses when the factory closes.
8. She’s always changing .
9. Does you new computer with Windows 7?
10.How long does it take you to get to .
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Elige la expresión de tiempo para cada fecha utilizando como referencia la imagen del ejemplo.
1. November
2. 12th December (a.m.)
3. 12th December (p.m.)
4. 29th November
5. 14th December
6. 7th December
7. 8th and 9th December
8. 11th December
9. 15th December
10. 15th and 16th
11. 19th December
12. 3rd January
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 Relaciona las palabras con sus equivalentes en inglés.

1. beach
2. sea

3. wave

4. to swim

5. swimming pool

6. island

7. port

8. sunset

9. sand

10. coast
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Lee la redacción y escribe los verbos en la forma correcta del pasado.

Last summer I (go) to the beach near my parent’s house. They live on the coast between Valencia and Alicante.
We (take) some towels, hats, sunglasses, suncream and a beach umbrella. My mum (make) some sandwiches and we (buy) water in a supermarket.

We (get) to the beach late and there (be) no chairs. We (put) the umbrella up and (sit) on towels on the sand. My sister (bring) a beach ball, a frisbee (a plastic disc) and a bucket and spade, so we (not be) bored. We (build) a fantastic sandcastle. My dad (not help) . He (sit) and (read) his book all day.

Steph, my sister, and I (go) in the sea and (meet) a French boy who (have) a big surfboard. We (speak) to him in English. He (be) really nice and he (lend) us his board to surf for a while. Steph (forget) to put suncream on and (get) a bit sunburned. She (swim) in the sea for hours.

We (get) home late. Steph and I (sleep) in the car. There (be) sand everywhere; in the car, in my ears and my hair. We (have) a fantastic day. I hope I can go back to the beach this summer.
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