Escribe los verbos en el pasado simple para completar la conversación. Sigue el ejemplo.

A: Hi! a good holiday? (have)
B: Yes, great.
A: Where (you / go)?
B: We (go) to London. We (find) a wonderful hotel in the city centre, and it (be / not) expensive.
A: (you / fly)?
B: No, we (not fly) because the flights (be) too expensive. So we (drive) there. It (take) about 24 hours. We (stop) every five or six hours. We (have) a great time and I (improve) my English a lot. The only problem is we (spend) too much money.
What about you? What (you / do)?
A: We (not go) anywhere. We just (stay) here in Barcelona.
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Elige el opuesto o contrario (antónimo) de cada término.
1. good
2. black
3. big
4. old
5. off
6. cold
7. true
8. expensive
9. wrong
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 Elige la respuesta correcta entre las siguientes frases.

1. How's it going?
a) You plug it in.
b) It went last Friday.
c) Great! How are you doing?

2. What did you do at the weekend?
a) Very well, thank you.
b) Not much. What about you?
c) I'm an architect.

3. Are you married?
a) No, I'm single.
b) No, I'm on a diet.
c) Yes, it costs 35 euros.

4. Sorry I'm late.
a) I'm late either.
b) That's OK.
c) Very well, thank you.

5. Hi, how are you today?
a) Fine thanks, and you?
b) It looks like rain.
c) It's Tuesday.
  6. I'm very sorry about that.
a) I'm afraid so, too.
b) It's up to you.
c) Never mind.

7. What time is it, please?
a) I'm twenty-five.
b) I'm sorry, I don't have a watch.
c) It's a beautiful dress.

8. Excuse me, where's the restroom?
a) I'm alone.
b) I'll get it for you.
c) It's the first on the left.

9. Can you help me. please?
a) How much will it cost?
b) No I'm sorry, it's taken.
c) Of course! What can I do for you?

10. I can't do this.
a) What's the matter?
b) How do you do?
c) It's a pleasure.
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Completa las frases y preguntas con "him", "her" o "them"

1. I don’t like The Gypsy Kings. Do you like ?
2. I don’t know the new girl in the bar. Do you know ?
3. We like Robbie Williams. Do you like ?
4. He doesn’t want to speak to me but I want to speak to .
5. I want my DVD’s. Please give to me.
6. Penelope wants to see Pepito, but he doesn’t want to see .
7. I never eat tomatoes. I don’t like .
8. Where’s your sister? I’d like to speak to .
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