Cambia al pasado los verbos entre paréntesis en las siguientes frases. Todos los verbos son irregulares.

1. I (go) to that new Chinese restaurant with my wife yesterday.
2. We (drive) to France last summer because it (is) too expensive to fly.
3. When we (get) to the restaurant, there (is) a table free. It (is) crowded.
4. I (hear) about your mum the other day. Is she out of hospital yet?
5. I'm really sorry but I (forget) to phone the school this morning.
6. The mechanic (tell) us to come back in two hours.
7. I (give) you 20 Euros, not 10.
8. I (have) a lovely evening. Thank you for taking me out.
9. ......and then the bastard (hit) me in the face and (run) away!
10. I (grow) up in Madrid. What about you?
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Las siguientes frases contienen algún error. Escríbelas de nuevo correctamente corrigiendo los errores.
1. Last night, Samantha have pizza for dinner.

2. My cat was died last month.

3. Yesterday I spend two hours cleaning my bedroom.

4. How long have you know him?

5. What was happened to your car?

6. How much did you drank last night?

7. It was so cold in Scotland that I catch a cold.

8. No more food for me, thank you. I've eat too much.

9. I fly to Barcelona last weekend.

10. I'm not going to forgive you again. I've forgave you too many times already.
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 Completa los espacios con la forma correcta de los verbos irregulares. Sigue los ejemplos.

eat   ate  
fall   fell  
  felt   felt
fight   fought  
find     found
fly   flew  
forgive   forgave  
freeze     frozen
  got   got / gotten
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Completa las frases con el verbo en su forma correcta (past simple o past continuous). Sigue el ejemplo.

Ejemplo: I (see) your mum yesterday.

1. It (not rain) when we got to the city centre.
2. I met your brother when I (walk) the dog.
3. He (not go) to the beach with me yesterday.
4. Pepito (wear) his new sunglasses when you saw him?
5. Last year I (run) in the New York marathon.
6. I (not watch) TV when you rang, I was having dinner.
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