Relaciona las palabras con algunas expresiones navideñas.

1. Father
2. Christmas
3. Boxing
4. wrapping
5. Santa
6. North
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Tick true or false (elige "verdadero" o "falso").

1. Father Christmas is too fat

2. There's a rabbit in the chimney

3. There aren't many
presents this year

4. The presents are
under the tree

5. There are some sweets in
the Christmas stocking

6. It's a snowball

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 Elige el verbo más adecuado para cada frase.

1. His wife in a sandwich bar.
2. They 2 packets of cigarettes a day.
3. German people a lot of beer.
4. Spanish people to the cinema more than the British.
5. I always to Mansión Inglés podcasts.
6. Our neighbours five children.
7. My mum TV in the morning.
8. My wife for an hour before she goes to bed.
9. My sister in a flat in the centre of London.
10. Alberto two cars and a motorbike.
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Escribe las palabras que faltan.

1. Do you like Swimming? Yes, I love
2. What do you think of Lada Gaga? I don’t like
3. Do you like chocolate cookies? Yes I love
4. What do I think about golf? I hate
5. Monday mornings? I hate
6. Do you like shopping for clothes? Yes, I love
7. Do you like Colin Farrell? Yes, I really like
8. What’s your opinion of classical music? I don’t really like
9. What do you think about cats? I don’t like
10. Do I like getting up early? I don’t mind
11. Do you like horror films? No, I hate
12. Milla Jojovich? I love
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