Elige la respuesta correcta.

1. I saw Sofia last week. She her arm while she .
2. I bought a beer and over to the table to join in the conversation. They about football when I sat down.
3. It’s difficult to believe that his time last week we along 5th Avenue in New York a hot dog.
4. It was a beautiful day yesterday. When I left home the sun and the birds . It good to be alive.
5. Suddenly, I out of the car window and I that we past Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.
6. When I Sandra in the pub last night she Guinness!
7. I my girlfriend while I around Australia.
8. Yesterday, I home to find that my 14-year-old son my best single malt whisky.
9. Simon me that his wife an affair with her Karate instructor. I him to do nothing.
10. While I for the train, someone their hand in my pocket and my iPod.
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Elige la palabra correcta.
A Day in the Life of an English Teacher
I at 7.30 or 8 o'clock and I have breakfast. I usually have cereal for breakfast and a cup of coffee.
I have breakfast I look at the news and weather on my phone.
At 8.30 I at my desk and start working.
I my email and write messages on Facebook and Twitter.
Then I work on my lessons and correct my student's homework.
At 11 o'clock I have a and at 12 I go to the gym for an hour to some exercise.
I have lunch at 2pm and I usually have a siesta for 15 minutes.
I usually have class in the afternoon and I until 9.30 or 10 o'clock at night. I always . My school is about 15 or 20 minutes from my flat.
I have something to eat when I and I watch TV to relax for an hour before I go to bed. Sometimes I read in bed until asleep.
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 Elige la respuesta correcta.

1. She speak English very well.
2. - Do you like shopping?
3. Why come shopping with us tomorrow?
4. France, Italy and Germany are European .
5. - Is that Juan and Cristina's car?
- No, is the Ford Fiesta.
6. Sara work yesterday because she was ill.
7. - What ?
- He’s having a shower.
8. How many people at the meeting yesterday?
9. Pepito usually to work
10. I think leave her husband!
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Cambia las frases a su forma negativa siguiendo el ejemplo.

Ej. Emma is a teacher.
1. I like Japanese food.
2. She's married.
3. I like vegetables.
4. Pepito likes video games.
5. They live near the beach.
6. My parents smoke.
7. Today is Tuesday.
8. I like horror films.
9. David swims very well.
10. Maria is a doctor.

I like Japanese food

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