Haz click para escuchar   Dear Sir / Madam,
I stayed at the Sea View Hotel last from October 23rd until the 27th. I think I left my in the hotel room on the next to the bed.
I in room number on the 5th floor next to the .
Please can you for it and if you find it, can you phone me on this ?
Thank you very much.
Ned Kelly.
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        Haz click para escuchar   Dear Santa Claus,
Thank you very much for all the wonderful presents you brought me and my last Christmas. This year I have a long list.
My mum a new car. I know this is a very big, expensive thing, but her old car is very old.
My dad needs new , so please bring him some shirts, a and a nice pair of trousers. He likes blue.
My sister Sandra is . She doesn’t like me, but I think we should give her something, don’t you? Please give her a new . A big one so that I can use it, too!
Timmy, our , lost his rubber toy last week in the , so if you can bring him a new one, that would be great!
And for me, well I love so please bring me a guitar and a new iPod. I also want an X-box, but mum says I have to wait for my next year. Please bring me an X-box and we won’t tell mum. It’ll be our !
Thanks Santa!
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A traditional English breakfast is a very meal. My dad used to have sausages, , bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms and lots of bread and for breakfast. Now he has a light breakfast, just some toast and jam or marmalade and a cup of . Sometimes he has a glass of .
I start my with a cup of strong Spanish coffee and a bowl of muesli or cereal. I sometimes have some toast with olive oil about if I’m feeling . What do you have for breakfast?
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        Haz click para escuchar   Escucha y contesta a las preguntas.
1. ¿A qué hora se levantó?

2. ¿Qué ha tomado para desayunar?

3. ¿Qué tiempo hacía?

4. ¿Cómo va a su trabajo?
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