Haz click para escuchar   Valencia has wonderful weather. In the UK, it often . The sky is grey and . It's usually and very in the winter.
Here, in Valencia, it's usually and . It isn't very cold in winter and I often see , blue sky.
I love the weather in Valencia and I'm very to be here. Sometimes, only sometimes, I miss British weather.
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        Haz click para escuchar   To make a cup of tea, you need a , some tea or a teabag, some , and and to taste.
First, boil some and put the teabag in the or a teapot, if you have one. Pour the boiling water on the teabag and for a few .
Take out the teabag and add and if you want. Some people like with their tea.
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        Haz click para escuchar   1. He has tea for breakfast.
2. He never reads in bed.
3. He hardly ever uses public transport.
4. He doesn't usually eat paella on Sundays.
5. On Sundays, he almost always gets up before 8 o'clock.
6. He sometimes goes to the cinema on Fridays.
7. On Mondays, he never leaves home before 9.
8. He usually celebrates his birthday with friends not with his family.
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        Haz click para escuchar   Hi! Can I help you?
Regular or large?
For here or to take away?
Anything else?
That’s 6.90, please.
6.90. Thank you. Here's your change.
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