Haz click para escuchar   Yesterday was Saturday and I went to the market. I bought some ; some apples, oranges, bananas and a few . I also bought some because I want to make a big salad for dinner. I bought some tomatoes, a , , cucumbers and some green and red .
Some friends are coming for lunch tomorrow so I got some lovely and a chocolate cake for .
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        Haz click para escuchar   I go to the cinema once or twice a month. I like action films and science fiction. My girlfriend likes romantic comedies but think they're really .
We often have something to before the film. Sometimes we get a in a bar near the cinema. Occasionally we go to a restaurant or maybe have a or a .
The films costs about and we often go on because it's half price.
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        Haz click para escuchar   Are you on holiday?
Well, it's August. Here in Spain it's really and most people are on holiday. There isn't much traffic on the roads and a lot of the shops and businesses are or open only in the morning.
I like to go on holiday in August. I'm a and my school is closed. Sometimes I go to the UK or to visit friends in countries.
A lot of teachers go to work in summer schools in August. There are many summer schools in the UK and also in other countries. It s a good way to and also earn money teaching. My friend Dave usually to Hong Kong in August and September. He can a lot of money and see Hong Kong and maybe China, too.
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        Haz click para escuchar   Many of my friends and family have different professions. My dad's a chauffeur. He a big expensive car around London and sometimes he famous people.
My mum's a . She works at home and looks after the house and she looks after us!
My sister works as a in a big food factory, and my brother-in-law is a mechanical engineer. He a lot of money.
My friend Graham works for an insurance company and his wife's a . Another friend of mine, Roger, is a . He's very good with his hands.
My cousin Anne's a teacher. She teaches , and her husband's a graphic designer. Another friend of mine, Gina, is a . She works for an online magazine.
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