1. I need a new chair. This one is not very .
2. If you agree to take on the project, we'll pay you half of the fee and the rest when you finish the job.
3. They are the world's largest of silicon chips.
4. There are several good positions opening up in my company but I'm not sure which one to .
5. We used to make these plates from glass, but we to plastic last year.
6. The mobile phone application we developed last year never saw the . It was never released.
7. This serves to that we should never neglect our main source of income.
8. Our office is inspected for health and safety on a .
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          1. When someone "brings something to the table", it means that they .
2. Sandra has been from her clerical job.
3. My son's at university at the moment in industrial design.
4. Google is one of Apple's main
5. It's pretty hard to against big, established companies.
6. Pepito last year.
7. Pepito, I need your on this. What do you think of this design?
8. I thought you with the Wilkinson account.
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          1. I to talk to you about the marketing survey you're working on.
2. The bank is trying to sell 20% of its high-street .
3. We on the design last week. Now that it's been approved, the next stage is to put it into production.
4. If they had contacted us earlier, we could have a meeting.
5. I the sales figures were so low.
6. We're currently the renewal of the contract.
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          1. The market research was by an independent company based online.
2. That part of the contract is currently .
3. The won't be known until next week.
4. These additional are not included in the estimate.
5. An effective advertisement should the product.
6. We have decided taking on any more employees for the time being.
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          1. Twitter and Facebook provide wonderful opportunities more directly with customers.
2. The new application will be at the beginning of next month.
3. Could you on some of the deals currently available?
4. When exactly will the conference be ?
5. I think we should seriously consider redesigning the .
6. It would more sense to outsource the work to another company.
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1. There's no need anyone else to write code.
2. I'm sure we can . Come and see me next week.
3. Pepito with an excellent new product idea.
4. We have to a better way to market our products.
5. Self-publishing has the middleman and put more control in the hands of the writers.
6. Pepito found a way to the problem.

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