1. I talked about this later.
2. We to help us with the new advertising campaign.
3. A written offer to contract goods or services at a specified cost or rate is called .
4. Thanks to your we made a lot of money last year.
5. Maybe you should try a different .
6. Putting Sam in charge has had a on the growth of our new business.
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          1. In a press release today, Bob Crewcut has announced that he will be as head of Macrosoft Inc.
2. We're going to with another company on this project.
3. I about that if I were you.
4. I'm not sure if they will be able from such a bad year.
5. We need to get their on the contract before the end of the month.
6. To reduce or make a reduction in the level of activity, extent, numbers, etc. is to .
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          1. The combination of two or more companies, either by the creation of a new organization or by absorption by one of the others, is called a
2. We usually 10% of our budget for research and development.
3. I would like to my partner in on this discussion.
4. A good managing director, or CEO, will make business decisions.
5. It's not economically for us to do this.
6. We have to examine the of our customer base in order to find out details such as age, income, marital status, profession etc.
7. We can't the possibility that we'll need another round of investment capital before the end of the year.
8. Our is to provide high quality products and customer service.
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          1. The manager didn't see any benefits to the consultant's approach.
2. Pepito has been studying hard for 18 months in his spare time and now he's going to during exam time.
3. He seemed perfect for the position on paper, but he never managed to to the job in practice.
4. If you're having a problem with the software, call and ask them. The phone number is on the website.
5. Sandra and I don't really see on this issue. We just can't seem to agree on it.
6. I'm sure they'll recover. Let's not just yet.
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          1. , we should focus on our overseas markets.
2. I'd like to hear Maria's on this?
3. Peter a good point when he says we need more international visibility.
4. Toyota plans to another 5,000 workers this month.
5. I agree with you .
6. What are the on this? What exactly do we do next?
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          1. I wasn't able to do the photocopies for you because we've paper.
2. We're running a little of time. Can we please bring the meeting to a close?
3. Sandra's really good at creative solutions.
4. It's important not to of the main point.
5. We must take drastic to stop this fall in .
6. Overall profits on sales 6.5% during the second quarter of last year.
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