1. He head software designer when he was only 26.
2. the release date of the new product.
3. The contracting out of an internal business process to a third party organization is called .
4. The designer phoned while I to Juan.
5. I'm not sure if we can the contract this week.
6. I thought it was going to be a short meeting, but it until 6.30.
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          1. We have your proposal, and we're very interested.
2. I think you should have a word with Pepito, he's not .
3. A fixed amount of money charged for professional services is called .
4. We have reviewed your proposal, and there are one or two things we'd like to with you.
5. The personnel department failed us that we need to cut back on staff.
6. After receiving a pay cut and having to work more hours, the employees took the union's advice and .
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          1. Bob was today.
2. I suggest that we hire another designer. Gema can't all the work by herself.
3. We expect the current financial crisis to by the end of the year.
4. I applied for the post of personal assistant, but I was after the second interview.
5. We need the board of directors to support this proposal and 100%.
6. The lowest paying jobs are called jobs
7. These days it may be cheaper to some projects rather than to do them inside the company.
8. I don't the fact that we need to cut back on expenditure.
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          1. Social media is dramatically changing the way we business.
2. Where did you find those presentation slides? They look fantastic.
3. Pepito can't the meeting on Friday. He'll be in Moscow.
4. I'll send you the information email.
5. I had a convincing my boss to send me to Los Vegas for the conference.
6. My boss spent a of money on a training course and only 6 people went to it!
7. It won't be easy to learn how to use this new software. The is pretty steep.
8. This work has to be done .
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          1. We're investing money in areas where we think we can grow and be .
2. With the review of this year's advertising budget, I'd like Steve to say a few words.
3. I'm a bit nervous about going to Beijing next month. I've never the Chinese before.
4. I think we should get together tomorrow and this report.
5. According to our records, there is an amount of 458 euros still on your account.
6. If something is , it gives you the wrong idea.
7. The economic recession has interest rates for first-time house buyers.
8. When I got pregnant I was on for six months.
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          1. After many months of a successful brand image we finally succeeded.
2. I want to for the next training session on customer care.
3. Can you give me a hand for a second? How do I using this new photocopier?
4. I don't work full-time anymore. I work because of the baby.
5. We haven't been very in promoting our new product line.
6. There's that Sandra is unhappy working here.
7. We plan to implement this in the months.
8. I'm sorry, Mr. Pilchard isn't his desk at the moment. Can he after lunch?
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