Gramática: The passive – Is it the same as the passive in Spanish?

When do we use it in English?
Craig tests Reza on the passive:
Every year Valencian people make fallas – Every year fallas are made (by Valencian people)
Present Continuous are making – Fallas are being made
Future (will) will make – Fallas will be made
Future (going to) – people are going to eat – A lot of churros and chocolate are going to be eaten.
Past Simple People sold lots of churros – Lots of churros were sold.
Past Continuous – People were selling petardos last year – Firecrackers were being sold in the street.
Future Perfect – People will have removed the Fallas from the streets – The fallas will have been removed.
Past Perfect – We had recorded this podcast before Fallas started – Craig’s pleased that the podcast had been recorded before Fallas started.

Vocabulary Corner: SPORT

DO or PRACTISE sport? – Do sport, but practise your serve and you backhand (tennis), practise taking penalties and heading the ball (football)
DO: judo, karate, taekwondo, athletics, the high jump, 100 metres, marathon
PLAY: football, rugby, squash, tennis,
play – a game / a team / golf
beat – a team /a record
win – a game / a competition / a medal / an event / a heat / a round
score – a goal
GO: swimming, trekking, running, jogging, windsurfing, sailing, snowboarding, diving
take part in an event
bat – cricket, baseball, table tennis / racket – tennis, squash
Name the sport:
COURT: basketball, volleyball, netball, squash, tennis
PITCH: football, rugby, hockey
RING: boxing, wrestling
RINK: ice skating, ice hockey
TRACK: 100 meters, motor racing, athletics

Phrasal verb: Look up / Get over

Literal meanings / idiomatic meanings (revise ‘take off’ and ‘pick up’)

Look up
a) If you don’t know the meaning, look up the word in the dictionary.
b) Look up there! It’s a full moon tonight.
c) Now that the financial crisis has finished, things are really looking up.

Get over

a) You have to get over this wall to get to the garden on the other side.
b) Get over a divorce, get over a relationship, get over the death of a friend, get over a drug addiction, an operation etc. (recover from)
c) Craig tried to get over to Reza how important these podcasts are (to communicate, emphasize the point).

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