Gramática: Used to / be used to / get used to

Craig used to live in London. he used to go out with friends, he used to drink a lot of beer. He used to go to record shops and book shops. He used to buy clothes. He used to watch a lot of TV in the UK. He used to watch Mickey Mouse cartoons!
Now in Valencia, he usually goes to the gym. He usually does some work on Sundays.
– Use ‘used to’ for things in the past that are not true today.
– Use the adverb of frequency ‘usually’ for present habits.
It was difficult for Craig to get used to going out late at weekends. But now he‘s used to eating late.
Reza is getting used to his first smart phone.
Pronunciación: /j/
Jazz, June, January / to jump (saltar) Jumping Jack Flash / judge / Not only with the letter ‘j’, but sometimes with the letter ‘g’ as in general / giant / gym and Jim (the name) etc. compare to /je/ vision – television, pleasure, leisure.

Phrasal verb: COME OUT

After a long meeting they CAME OUT of the room.
My friend CAME OUT in a rash (rash = sarpullido, erupción).
To COME OUT on strike. To COME OUT in support of the nurses.
The sun, the moon and the stars COME OUT. What time does the moon come out?
To COME OUT (of the closet). To admit in public that you are gay.

Vocabulary Corner – Sport:
Learn words in groups - Es mejor aprender el vocabulario en los grupos/familias
Football : pitch, stadium, to kick the ball into the net, referee – 1-0 (nil)
Tennis : court, umpire. net 15-0 (love)
Tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton, squash COURT
to draw a game of football – It’s a draw – Valencia drew with Barcelona yesterday.
Let’s kick off (let’s start) . Let’s kick off this meeting by talking about….
It’s a whole new ball game (It’s a totally new thing)
Right off the bat (to begin with, immediately) – When we started this podcast we had over 1.000 listeners right off the bat.
Golf club – baseball bat – cricket bat – table tennis bat – tennis racket – squash racket.
A ball-park figure (an approximate number). Give me a ball park figure on your expected salary.
To hit it out of the park = to have a lot of success.

Reza’s Top Tip: Spelling – double letters
Si la palabra termina con consonante, vocal, consonante hay que poner doble consonante al final (ej. running; shop-shopping; putting)
sleeping (termina con -eep); hope-g (termina con -ope)
Regret – regretting (el estrés está el la segunda silaba)
limit – limiting (el estrés esta en la primera silaba)
travelling (British English spelling)
traveling (American English spelling)

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