Gramática: Can / can’t

Can I ask you a question?
You can speak Spanish. Reza can speak a bit of Valencian.
Can you play any musical instruments? – Yes, I can.

Can, like could, should, would, may etc son modal verbs (verbos modales).
El can se puede emplear para hablar de la habilidad y también para pedir las cosas “Can I have….?)
Can I have a biscuit? Can I have a cup ñof tea? Can I help you?

John can be quite cold sometimes. (possibility)
It can be wet in Valncia sometimes. (possibility)
This postcard can’t be from Bob. (impossibility)

Vocabulay Corner: Clothes

Reza is wearing jeans and a very nice striped short. Craig is wearing nice linen shorts.

trousers (UK) / pants (US). pants (UK) / shorts (US), waistcoat (UK) / vest (US), panties (US) / knickers (UK), tights (UK) / pantyhose (US),
to wear (llevar puesto) “He’s wearing a blue coat” / to put on clothes / to get dressed / To take off clothes (quitar la ropa)
training shoes (UK) / sneakers (US) – zapatillas deportivas

Phrasal verb: to set off

SET has many uses in English. Set off means: to begin a journey – “We set off at 6 o’clock.”
to set off also means to activate something: “I set off the alarm.” “Young children sometimes set off car alarms in the street.”
Set off can also mean to start an emotion. “The picture sets her off crying.”
Set off also means destacarse “The white background really sets off the person in the picture.”
Pronunciación: clothes

/cloves/, a suit /soot/ – traje = suit (noun) “it suits you” (Te va bien)
“It fits you” (it’s the correct size) – Does this fit me?
tracksuit (chandal), slippers – “Where are my slippers?”, (a pair of) shoes – high-heeled shoes, striped (con rayas), blouse – “Your a big girl’s blouse!” (You’re too soft).
Reza’s Top Tip: use the negative (adj/adverb) to be indirect/polite

“Well, it isn’t the best thing I’ve seen”, “It doesn’t look that great.” “I’ve seen you looking better.”
“It wouldn’t be my first choice.”, “It’s not bad.”

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