Gramática: Present simple
Craig likes rice. He doesn’t cook often. He doesn’t cook everyday. Craig makes a mess when he cooks. Reza’s mum is very houseproud. ‘Houseproud’ is a compound adjective. ‘Football’ is a compound noun.
Use the present simple when you talk about habits and states that never change:”Reza is messy”.
You can also use the present simple to talk about the future: When Reza stays at his mum’s house, he’ll be tidy.
You can also use the present simple for timetables: Reza’s flight leaves at 6.30.

Pronunciación: the schwa
When you wake up Monday morning, how do you feel? That’s the sound of the schwa, the most common sound in English: a – a pen, a book, a teacher, a computer, mother, sister, father, brother, banana – have a banana.
of – for – glass of beer, a cup of tea.
Reza’s Hot Tip: Write a sentence with a gap, wait a few days then try to remember the word and write it in the gap.
Reza’s mum is very _______ (houseproud) – Look at Craig’s desk. It’s really _____ (messy).

Vocabulario: make and do
hacer = make/do – make: food and drink / do business and make money (US English – How much money do you make? Br. English – How much money do you earn? make a profit/loss – create / physically make: table, furniture,- Do: in the house (except bed) Did you make your bed this morning?

Phrasal verb: take up
Reza wants to take up a hobby (start, begin)
Making models takes up too much space and time. (uses, occupies)
Maybe the electrician will take up the floorboards in his house (remove, lift)


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