Gramática: Past simple
Craig had some visitors last week. They came to see the family. They didn’t have time for the beach.
Craig lived in London. Craig’s family came to Spain because his sister wanted to move house. (Use the Past Simple for things that happened in the past. There is no connection to now.)
Use DID to make questions: “Where did you live?” – Craig lived in London. Reza lived in Belfast.
No DID with the verb TO BE: “Where were you born?” – “I was born in London.” – “Were you a happy child?”
No DID with modal verbs like COULD: “Craig couldn’t run fast when he was younger.” – “Reza couldn’t speak Spanish when he lived in Belfast.”

Pronunciación: /h/
Hello – how are you? – Are you happy? – Harry Potter – Have a cup of tea! – have a seat! – have a beer! Hello –
Hello, I’m Henry – Hello, I’m Henry and I’m happy! I’m a hairdresser hairdresser – I’m a happy hairdresser –
I’m from Helsinki I’m a happy hairdresser from Helsinki – How are you? I’m Henry the happy hairdresser from Helsinki, Ha! Ha! Ha!

Phrasal verb: get on
get on (continuar) – Let’s get on with the podcast
get on (well) (llevarse bien) – Craig gets on with his sister – Reza gets on well with his family. –
get on – (manage) – Craig isn’t getting on very well with his new timetable.
get on (subir) – The driver wouldn’t let Reza get on the bus. (GET ON a bike, a horse, a train. a plane, a bus, a camel etc – GET IN a car or a taxi)

Vocabulario: TAKE
take care of (cuidar) = look after – to look after someone or to take care of someone.
proud (adjective), pride (noun) – to take pride in (something) – take pride in your work, take pride in your appearance, take pride in your wonderful English. Take pride in your houses (like Reza and Craig’s mums!)
a joke – to take a joke – Some people are good at taking a joke – to take the mickey (burlarse)
to be taken to hospital (llevar) – take to school
take pity on someone – Craig takes pity on his neighbour.
Reza took great pleasure posing in Craig’s car.
to take advice - give advice TO somebody – take advice FROM somebody.

Reza’s Top Tip: Use a Thesaurus for a better grammar range.
A thesaurus in NOT a dictionary, but It can improve your range (alcance) of vocabulary by finding similar words (synonyms)
BIG: huge, enormous, giant, vast, gigantic, titanic etc.


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